8 Basic Cleaning Supplies for Your Home

8 Basic Cleaning Supplies for Your HomeWhen it comes to cleaning your home, regardless of which rooms you’ll be cleaning or how small or large your home is, you’ll always need a basic set of cleaning tools to help you tackle each corner and surface. The following staples should always be readily available in your cleaning cabinet (or storage closet).

  1. Sponges

Sponges are one of the most commonly used household staples. You’ll almost always find a reason to use one beyond the kitchen sink for hand washing some dishes. Any surface that needs a wet wipe-down will call for reaching for one.

  1. Microfiber Cloths and Cleaning Rags

Along with using sponges, you’ll always need a cloth or cleaning rag to wet and/or dry any surface for the finishing touch. It’s recommended to dust certain areas using a damp microfiber cloth rather than a duster to avoid having particles spread in the air, which will possibly trigger allergies.

  1. Rubber Gloves

A pair of rubber gloves will do wonders when washing the dishes or scrubbing down any section of your home. For one, these gloves will keep your hands protected from various elements, while enhancing your grip.

  1. Paper Towels

The oh-so handy paper towels are the best quick fix to cleaning up any spill. You can even use them to dry off washed fruits and veggies. Additionally, paper towels can be used to prevent messes. For instance, by placing them on cast-iron pans, you’ll stop rust from taking over.

  1. Bathroom Scrub Brushes

There can be several hard-to-reach corners and stains (like mildew) that will require a little more scrubbing rather than wiping around the bathroom. Whether it’s to clean the walls, toilet or tub, you can either use an all-in-one brush or several.

  1. Bucket

The best part about having buckets around is that they can be used for numerous purposes. For one, you can fill a bucket up for mopping the floor and for cleaning the windows of your home. You can even use it for a regular carwash.

  1. Vacuum

Whether or not you have carpet in your home, you’ll almost always use a vacuum. You can vacuum under your sofa cushions or use it to remove larger crumbs off the floor. Since vacuums come in various sizes, you can choose any one that’ll better suit your preferences.

  1. Spray Bottle

Empty spray bottles can be filled with just about any cleaning liquid—even clean water. You can make your own cleaning detergents at home and fill the spray bottle for a more effective use.

Always Be Prepared

In addition to the above, you should always have a stock of basic detergents including laundry and dishwasher soaps (both for machine and hand wash). Having polish for certain areas of your home will always come in handy too, as will heavy-duty stain removers and all-purpose cleaners, which could be extra useful during times of emergency.

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