5 Tips To Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Actually Is

5 Tips To Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Actually Is

5 Tips To Make Your House Appear Cleaner Than It Actually IsEven the most diligent people don’t always have time to keep their houses looking immaculate and you never know when important company will suddenly decide to drop by.  However, although time constraints won’t allow you to actually get your place in working order, there are still shortcuts you can take to ensure that whatever messes you’ve made goes unnoticed.

Out of sight, out of mind

Most important and obvious is to get any clutter in your house as far from peering eyes as you possibly can.  All except for the nosiest of visitors won’t open up a concealed space like a desk or closet.  However, make sure whatever you do sweep under this proverbial rug fits well in the space, lest ill placed items crash.  This is especially true for closets.
Stack similar items, even if they belong in entirely different places

When you can’t hide items, you can at least make it look like they’re well-organized and belong together, even when they don’t.  Whether or not your music collection belongs alongside your computer programs is irrelevant if your boss comes over. Unless they’re paying a great deal of attention, they likely won’t notice.
Lighting is Everything

Clutter isn’t the only thing that people can see in a house.  Indeed, whether or not they can see anything is important.  Although it’s tempting to turn down the blinds to try to hide imperfections, it’s actually better to make the house as bright as possible.  Brighter rooms are typically associated with cleaner places.  Hospitals are always decked out in white and bright colors.  Hospitals are known for being clean.

Make the atmosphere clean

Visuals are only a part of the perception of clean; atmosphere matters just as much.  Indeed, a smelly-but-actually-clean house can leave as terrible an impression as a legitimately messy one.  Make sure your living space has an acceptable smell.  Air out any potentially horrifying odors.  The bathroom and kitchen are likely stinky culprits.  Put air fresheners into any room in which you expect company to go.  Also, a deodorizing spray is essential.

Focus on where company WOULD go

Even when you have to rush the issue and cut corners, some cleaning absolutely cannot be avoided.  However, you can use your limited time wisely.  Think about where your company is going to be.  Are you having them over for dinner?  Would they stay and chat in your living room?  What are the chances that they may need to use the restroom?  Stay aware of where you expect your company to go and focus on making those areas sparkling.

Despite this advice, it must be said that if you’re reading this list, you’re merely applying a Band-Aid and eventually need to clean your house properly.  That’s what 1st Class Cleaning specializes in.  Contact us and our helpful staff will work with to set up a time for a one-time cleaning before your family flies in from California, or to set up a schedule for regular cleanings.

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