5 Things to Remember When Cleaning Your Bathroom

5 Things to Remember When Cleaning Your BathroomFew household chores provide as much apprehension and dread as the thought of cleaning the bathroom. As the central location for human vanity and cleansing, the bathroom’s propensity for dirt is rivaled only by the kitchen. The frequent use of the bathroom equates to a frequent need for cleaning, but with the common reluctance to engage in this task, the end result of your own efforts can leave much to be desired.

At 1st Class Cleaning, we’ve seen more than our fair share of dirty bathrooms, and throughout the years, we’ve noticed there are a few troubles our clients consistently encounter. If you prefer to handle your own bathroom cleaning duties, here are a set of tips to help you tackle this challenging endeavor:

1.    Work Top to Bottom

Gravity affects everything, and dirt is no exception. It thus stands to reason to clean the higher objects first, but many people forget this fact until it is too late. The general rule of thumb is to work your way down; the floor should be the last item on the list. If you scrub the toilet before you scrub the floor, any residue that flies around in your vigorous scrubbing will be taken care of.

2.    Unnoticed is not Unseen

For its frequent use, the bathroom is not a room of extended residence. By this, we mean that most people don’t spend marathons in the bathroom; their visits are usually short and sweet, if frequent. As a result, the bathroom does not enjoy the visual perusal other rooms in the house do, and certain corners may be overlooked. Areas like the base of the toilet, underneath the faucet, and even the windowsills can be passed over in a quick clean. All it takes is one guest to see these, however, and your reputation as a good house keeper can be ruined. Feel that? It’s your guests judging you, and it burns. Make sure you get it all, and you can rest that much easier.

3.    Appearances Can Be Deceiving

A common phrase we have heard some people use is “Smells Clean, Looks Clean, Is Clean.” Unfortunately, this is NOT an effective method of ensuring a sanitary bathroom. Looking clean is often a deception, one that experienced cleaners understand. Much better than appearance is feel; touch is the most accurate of the senses, and anything that is slimy, grungy, etc. will be identified immediately.

4.    Clean the Cleaners

You can’t get something clean using something dirty. Showering is supposed to clean your body, but when your showerhead is dirty, it can render the entire exercise futile. The same goes for your faucet; clean water is a crucial ingredient to a clean bathroom. These heads often get a buildup of dirt and gunk over time, but there is an easy way to clean them. Take a plastic bag filled with vinegar, and tie it around the head, making sure the output is completely covered. Leave the baggy there overnight, and by the next morning, your head will be gunk free.

5.    Peer Evaluation

Like any important job, the best way to ensure accountability is to have someone else check your work. Have your husband, wife, child, or friend check the bathroom after you’re done cleaning it; they may see something you didn’t.

Help At Hand

If the task of cleaning the bathroom seems overly daunting for you and your family, or if you just want someone to take the problem off your hands, contact 1st Class Cleaning. Our experienced and friendly staff will ensure that your bathroom is spotless, and with green-cleaning service, you can help the environment, too. Log onto 1stclasscleaningnyc.com to schedule an appointment today!

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