5 Questions to Ask When Picking a Cleaning Company

Residential And Commercial Cleaning ManhattanSelecting the right cleaning company can take off more than just a load of sheets in the laundry. That’s one of the reasons why you should ask all the right questions to get the best available service at the best price. Here are some inquiries you should make before choosing which company to work with.

  1. What days and hours do they work? You might be particular about having someone clean your house during business hours while you’re at work. If you prefer to be at home while the cleaning service is at your house, you should check when the company works. If you’re actually looking to work for a cleaning company, you should ask the same question and consider the probability of having to clean business offices after employees leave the office.
  1. Do they offer competitive rates? Like pretty much every business transaction you’ve made in the past, you should ascertain that you’re getting a fair deal. Compare the cleaning company’s rates with others providing the same services to know if their rate is reasonable. Make sure what services their rates apply to before signing any paperwork.
  1. How do they hire their employees? You should look into the company’s regular hiring procedures. For instance, you can check if the cleaning service screens prospective employees with drug tests, and so forth. Whether you’re a business owner or you’re a house owner hiring the cleaning company to clean your office(s) or home, you want to ascertain that the cleaner they send over behaves professionally and in a trustworthy manner.
  1. Are any special incentives provided? Some companies provide their own cleaning equipment and solutions, while others don’t. You should consider whether or not they train their employees, too. The professionals sent over from large cleaning services should have enough experience or the proper training to take on different tasks. You can also check if the company offers discounts based on loyalty and customer referrals.


  1. Who will be cleaning? You know the person who will be cleaning your space will be sent by the cleaning service you choose to work with, but will it always be the same person? Whether or not you come face-to-face with the person cleaning your place, you may decide you like their work and would like to continue working with them—or you may prefer to not work with them at all anymore. You should make sure to ask about the cleaning company’s quality assurance measures.

Ask Away!

When choosing the cleaning company you’d like to work for, you should also check for other things like customer satisfaction reviews and a history of the company’s reputation. If you’re looking to be environmentally friendly with your decision, you can even look for a company that uses non-toxic cleaning products and procedures.

With 1st Class Cleaning, you can get the quality service you deserve. In addition to offering top-notch cleaning for affordable prices, we specialize in “Green Cleaning” with the use of Method Organic Cleaning Products. So if you’re looking for guaranteed customer satisfaction, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.


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