5 Home Cleaning Tips For Kids

5 Home Cleaning Tips For KidsFun and Fast Home Cleaning Tips For Kids

Cleaning your house always becomes a family affair, whether you want it to be or not.  With times the way they are nowadays, nobody can really afford to be their children’s maid.  Of course, considering that it’s a chore, that’s far easier said than done.  So here are five tips that can get your kids to help you clean up around the house.

Start at the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to starting your kids off on house work.  If you try it in the middle of a time when they’re consistently lazy, like a summer break, the job will very likely go undone.  Therefore, it would be best to strike right at a time when kids would have to take up a routine and go into work mode regardless of whether the house needed cleaning or not, such as right when the school year is about to begin.  If they have to and do work anyway, it won’t take much of a push to get them to do chores around the house too.

Let Them Take the Wheel

Many parents have a bad habit when it comes to any kind of work around the house: everything has to be done their way.  For a child, that makes it frustrating to do the job and discourages them from doing anything at all out of fear that the parent will just get frustrated.  Therefore, it’s essential for parents to be able to let go of their preconceptions and let their children develop their own process.  It will encourage them to take responsibility for necessary chores and, with praise, validate their good work, encouraging them to do more in the future.

Make Sure the Chores are Age Appropriate

While it’s all well and good to demonstrate to your children the need to do housework even at a young age, it stands to reason that there are reasonable and unreasonable expectations of what they can do and how to handle it.  Putting away toys is a simple thing that even a small five-year-old understands the concept of.  Folding and sorting laundry may be a different matter to that age group altogether.

Make a Game of It

Children don’t exactly have a full grasp of the implications and mechanics of the adult world just yet, so it may be a good idea to frame the household cleaning in a context they can understand.  If you make a game out of it, say, race them to see how quickly they can make their bed or put toys away, they may be motivated to do it faster.  Just be privy to the pitfalls of this technique.  Don’t pit sibling against sibling or you may just inspire attempts to sabotage one another.

Make a Schedule and Make Them Stick to It

As anyone who has ever taken up an exercise regimen can attest to, the real work isn’t in starting but keeping it up.  Be consistent with when and how frequently you do housework and make the children help out.  That way, they’ll become psychologically trained that that particular time is time to clean the house and they won’t fight you on it or laze around and try to get out of it.

While cleaning your house and teaching responsibility to your kids is very important, there are times when none of you have the time or energy to donate to effectively doing it.  For that, you can always call us at 1st Class Cleaning and our helpful staff will be able to take up the load in making sure your house is pristine.

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