4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Clean for a Longer Time

4 Tips to Help You Keep Your Home Clean for a Longer TimeHave you been struggling with making the time to clean your home lately? Just when you think you’ve cleaned it enough to last for a long time, you’re back to grabbing the heavy-duty cleaning tools before a week’s time. Fostering the following habits can help you turn that around.

  1. Wash Your Dishes ASAP

Letting grimy dishes pile up makes for one way your kitchen can get dirty quicker than it should. Try to wash your dishes after every meal or before they turn into a heaping stack that’ll take longer to rinse.

That will ultimately increase the likelihood of stubborn stains that’ll be a headache to remove later. Additionally, leaving dirty dishes unattended overnight can actually attract nighttime crawlers (namely, roaches), which would add on to your cleaning chores.

  1. Close Your Windows and Seal Cracks

It’s definitely not a crime to let fresh air come into your home, but whenever you can, try to keep the windows of your home shut to avoid having dust and other pollutants enter your home. These outdoor particles cannot only be a pain to consistently clean; they can also be irritating for those who have allergies.

You can still leave the windows open from time to time when you are home. It is recommended to weather strip your doors and other areas with openings that can let in dirt.

  1. Adopt the “No Shoes Indoors” Policy

The bottoms of our shoes pick up a load of contaminants from the outdoors—not to mention mud, especially on wetter days. Make sure to remove your shoes before entering your home, and establish that rule for the rest of the household to follow, too.

Kids’ shoes can be filled with small rocks and sand from playing, so you should pay attention and make sure that your children know how to clean after themselves, too. This is the case, as well, when children spill things on the floor or carpet. Cleaning up the mess the right away is the best thing to do.

  1. Clean Thoroughly Each Time

When you try to clean certain areas of your home too quickly just to get it over with, this can sometimes lead to having dust balls among other things creep up on you. When cleaning your living room floor, be sure to clean under your furniture, rather than just the areas that are always easily visible.

The same goes for other areas of your home, including your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. Cleaning regularly will also help you avoid having to scrub off dirt build-up.

Call 1st Class Cleaning

You can tidy up your home often and constantly make your bed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be free of having to clean a mess now and then. That’s why you should leave the work to the professionals at 1st Class Cleaning.

We’ve been cleaning homes for a while and know all the tricks that’ll help you keep your home spotless for a longer time. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can assist you in maintaining a sparkly residence.

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