3 Ways to Take Control of Winter Laundry

3 Ways to Take Control of Winter LaundryDoing the laundry doesn’t exactly fall under everyone’s list of entertainment—but unless you’d like to fall short of reaching the top of the hygiene spectrum, it just has to get done. The winter season is one that makes it easy to just kick back and have an excuse to stay snug and well, lazy in your free time.

So, to have time to relax without worrying about the pile of clothing and linens waiting to get tossed into the washing machine, you should probably switch up your laundry routine. The following tips will help you keep cool and organized—and not just during this winter, but during all seasons.

  1. Don’t Wait to Remove Stains

The worst thing to do when you stain an article of clothing is not do anything at all until you toss it in the wash. This will not only most likely damage your clothes, it will also cause you to have to put in more effort to remove the stain, which could require several washes.

Many fabrics are not equipped to withstand numerous rigorous washes, which is why not removing a stain instantly can cause fading or other damage. If you’re at home or even in a restaurant, you can use natural stain removers like club soda to remove a stain from a particular material.

  1. Wash More than Just Your Laundry

Okay, so you might be thinking that this contradicts easing the workload, but in fact, it really does help prevent doing more work. Giving your laundry machine a monthly cleanse is a must! After all, it is one of the dirtiest areas of your home.

Think about all the germs that flow around after running several loads of dirty laundry. By cleaning your washing machine, as well as your dryer, you’ll be eliminating all the dirt particles and soap residue that can invade your own belongings, sometimes even causing a stench.

  1. Sort and Conquer Your Load

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of laundry you have to clean. Instead, just separate your load into two different baskets: colored and whites—you can even add a third one for items that need to be hand-washed. This will save you so much time as you won’t even have to worry about separating your clothes on laundry day.

Additionally, you should always pay attention to the tags of the items you’ll be laundering. It will greatly help you determine the temperature of the cycle you should be running. This is especially useful in the wintertime when most wardrobes are made up of darker shades and require more attention. Once you’re done with machine drying or air-drying your laundry, you can easily fold your things and store them in a way that offers plenty of closet and drawer space.

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