3 Tips for Cleaning When You Have House Guests

3 Tips for Cleaning When You Have House GuestsYou’re having a pretty hectic day and suddenly, you get a call from some friends who are dropping by for a surprise visit. But you haven’t prepared your house and automatically start panicking.

With just a short amount of time to get everything ready before your visitors arrive, where do you start? Instead of turning your panic button on, get to the cleaning with the following steps:

  1. Tackle the Host Rooms

You’ll most likely be hosting your guests in the living room, and they may perhaps be stopping by the bathroom. So, these are the first two areas you should clean first.

  • Living room
  • Organize by eliminating the clutter. Look around to see what’s out of place and place all items, whether it’s a magazine or remote, in their respective spots.
  • Move on to dusting the room (focusing on the tables and blinds) and use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass in the room.
  • Finally, run the vacuum from corner to corner to quickly pick up any dirt off the ground.
  • Bathroom
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner to sanitize the sink area and shower/tub and let it sit before scrubbing.
  • Then, use a toothbrush to clean the areas of the sink that are tough to reach.
  • Spray a cleaning solution or baking soda into the toilet to effectively remove stains, before wiping down the toilet with a sprayed cloth.
  • Use a glass cleaner to wipe the mirror, and mop the floor, working your way from the farthest corners of the bathroom, out.
  1. Clean Your Cooking Station 

Whether or not your kitchen is visible, your guests might want to lend you a helping hand, so after cleaning the above rooms, you should move on to the kitchen.

  • Wash the dishes. Start with placing your dishes in the dishwasher and running a load. Wash the larger items by hand and dry after a few minutes to store.
  • Tidy up. Then, clear the clutter from your kitchen countertops by removing items and placing them in the drawers and cabinets. Throw any dirty towels in the wash and hang clean ones.
  • Spray your countertops with an all-purpose cleaner and use a microfiber cloth to wipe them off. Wash the cloth and use it to clean the kitchen appliances, table and chairs.
  • Give a final cleanse. Sweep the floors to remove food crumbs and scrape off any stains. Take out the trash, and then mop the floors once using a damp mop.
  1. Create a Welcoming Ambience

If you have time, you should also clean the bedrooms. Begin with throwing any dirty laundry in the hamper and storing belongings in the closets and drawers. Then, make the bed(s) and use a damp microfiber cloth to quickly dust and wipe surfaces. Lastly, vacuum the floors and empty out the waste bins.

Spruce up your home by lighting some candles and/or spraying some air freshener. Keep some soothing music on to maintain the hospitable mood, while preparing items in the kitchen for your guests to enjoy check out office cleaning sydney.

To keep your home clean and ready for visitors all the time, contact 1st Class Cleaning today. Our skilled cleaners will help you stir away from the stress of doing it all on your own and enjoy a clean home even when you don’t have guests over.

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