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Types of Hazards You Can Find in an Unclean Bathroom

When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? Always remember that excellent bathroom hygiene is essential to maintaining a clean and hazard free bathroom. If you’ve been slacking lately, it’s highly likely that bacteria and germs have already begun to spread illness from one family member to another. What many people don’t realize, however, is that the key to a clean bathroom is, well, a clean you. Factors such as how you shower, how you dry yourself off after a shower and even how you flush the toilet can make all the difference. Let’s see how…

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How Unsafe Is Your Dirty Bathroom?

How Unsafe Is Your Dirty Bathroom?The majority of us tend to ignore the fact that we come into contact with all kinds of bacteria everyday. While most kinds are harmless, or even beneficial to us, there are some that pose dangers to our health, and many are found in our own homes. Most of these dangers are eliminated with regular cleaning, but just to remind us how important maintaining a clean home is, let’s find out how unsafe a dirty bathroom can actually be.

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How to Effectively Assign Chores Between Your Household Members

In today’s world, everyone is busy. Dividing household labor has never been more important, not only for creating balance, but also for making sure your children learn important life skills that could easily be skimmed over for lack of time.

Developing Fundamental Life Skills

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