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Your Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist

Having a party is a great motivation to get your house in perfect working order, which of course means doing a deep and serious cleaning. When guests arrive at the door, your place should gleam, which is the perfect invitation for them to relax, enjoy, and bask in your hospitality.

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Where Should You Focus When Cleaning for the Holidays?

When preparing for the holidays you want to have everything glittering as brightly as the days themselves demand. An inviting atmosphere speaks of the care and pride you take in your home, as well as the respect you have for your guests as they help you celebrate.

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How to Make Cleaning Fun During the Winter Season

The winter season is a time for hibernating, for feeling cozy in our caves, for spending time inside with loved ones, enjoying a good book or film, and sipping a hot tea to keep the chill away. Its also a time for enjoying outdoor activities like ice skating, skiing, tobogganing, and taking long, invigorating hikes. For many it is a time of holiday celebrations, gift giving, and revelry.

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How To Maintain Your Floor Clean This Winter Season

Maintaining a clean floor throughout the winter months requires some effort on the part of the homeowner. However, we at 1st Class Cleaning provide customers with all the tools necessary at an affordable cost. Our team of maids and janitorial service workers are ready to go to work on that stained carpet, discolored hardwood, or worn linoleum.

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