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House Cleaners in New York

When it is time to finding house cleaners, New York residents may find it easier than other states because of the large number of companies available. It is important to decide on just what services you want out of a house cleaning company before you hire them.
Many people have different ideas as to just what jobs might be involved when they hear the term “house cleaners”. House cleaners do not typically do things that are involved with outside work such as landscaping and power washing. More to the point, these cleaners do almost any domestic job inside the house that you could think of.

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Creating the Ultimate Cleaning Checklist

Housework has a way of getting ahead of you. You may have the best intentions of cleaning the house every night before bed, but exhaustion and a lack of time can prevent this from happening. If you want to stay on track with cleaning, then you need a great cleaning checklist. Here is the ultimate guide to keeping your home clean and your chores on track.

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Cleaning Products and the Dangers They Pose

You count on cleaning products to make your home fresh and welcoming. You rely on them to make sure your porcelain shines and glass is streak-free. When stains are marring your beautiful home, you turn to chemicals to remove them and restore the gorgeous look. However, the same cleaners you are relying on could be making your family sick. It’s one of the reasons green cleaning options are becoming so popular. Here are a few of the cleaners that can be harmful to your family and your pets.

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How To Get Rid Of Persistent Stains In A White Tub

When company is coming over, you want to make sure that the bathroom is clean and the kitchen is presentable. A little dust in the living room can be overlooked, but your guests are sure to notice if your bathroom looks dirty and your tub is stained. It may seem that persistent stains in your white tub will never fade, but you can eliminate them with a little help.

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5 Ways to Keep Your House Spotless After a Cleaning

You’ve spent the weekend scrubbing and organizing the house. Perhaps you decided to have a cleaning crew come in and take care of the cleaning for you. The house is clean now, and you’re enjoying it immensely. It’s sparkling and fresh, and you love how it feels. Now you’re wondering how you can keep it this clean. Here are five ways you can keep your house spotless.

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Green Cleaning Company

Hiring a cleaning company is no small decision. There is an inherent level of trust – letting the cleaners into a home or business, giving them keys and access is just the beginning though. In many ways, cleaning companies are trusted with the health of families and workers. There are dozens of harsh chemicals that are commonly used by cleaning companies – chemicals that may accidentally get onto eating surfaces and contaminate food, or leave invisible residue on toys young children play with and chew on, to say nothing of hazardous fumes that can linger for days. There is also an even higher danger that these chemicals may leak into the groundwater supply that provides bathing and cooking water. Fortunately, 1st Class Cleaning utilizes “Eco-Friendly Cleaning,” and can be trusted to avoid these dangerous chemicals.

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Allergy Carpet Cleaner

Allergy sufferers are all different.  Some people have extreme sensitivity to common allergens throughout the year, while others have a more mild reaction during allergy season.  Allergies affect people differently, but everyone with allergies goes through some sort of discomfort.  People with allergies either avoid cleaning their home or feel the need to have a meticulously cleaned home at all times.  This is because of the allergy related factors that come with having a clean or dirty home.

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Carpet Cleaning in New York City

When it is time to have the carpets and rugs cleaned, finding the right company is not always as easy as it used to be. If you live in the New York City area, you have thousands of choices, and even though most of these companies promise to deliver the excellent service, flexibility and affordability that you are looking for, there is one company that stands above all the others in customer satisfaction and that company is 1st Class Cleaning NYC!

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1st Class Cleaning NYC Review

Desiring to have a cleaning service come to your home and handle household chores is completely understandable.  You may not be able to devote the time needed to give your house a good clean.  A good clean can require strength that may have been depleted due to your work and family obligations and commitments.  Before you hire a cleaning service find out all the information you can.  Don’t just rely on what a company says about themselves, because it is sure to only be positive.  Large numbers of New York City cleaning services purport to be the best in their industry.  But how can these claims be verified before actually making the decision to hire one of these companies?

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Green House Cleaning Services

Now more than ever people are concerned with their environment and keeping harsh chemicals out of their home and away from their family’s living space. Finding a cleaning service that only uses environmentally safe cleaners is now easier than ever as the impact of going green is a spreading and growing trend in the world today.

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NYC Metro Janitorial Cleaning

New York City culture is one that is fast-paced.  The speeding taxi-cabs, twenty-four hour hangout spots and a demanding work atmosphere are just some of the things that make metropolitan New York City unique.  This lifestyle can be exciting and personally gratifying, but there can also be drawbacks.  Leading a hectic life can make you less apt to be able to find the time for certain things like cleaning.  Cleaning is one of those chores that incorporate several smaller chores.  Cleaning your kitchen could involve a few tasks like washing the dishes, taking out the garbage and sanitizing the countertop.  If your life is busy, you may not be able to completely clean your apartment, house or business in a limited timeframe.

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Deep Cleaning in NYC

Having and maintaining a clean home does not have to be a daunting, stressful or strenuous task.  By hiring a cleaning service, you can ensure that your home is sanitary and beautiful.  The energy it takes to tidy up at home pales in comparison to the time and effort it might take to give your home the deep cleaning that you have meant to do for a while now.  Maybe you haven’t gotten around to it because you lead a hectic lifestyle full of priorities, obligations and responsibilities.  A cleaning service can provide you with the deep cleaning that you have been seeking.

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Green Cleaning Tips that Save Money

Green Cleaning Tips that Save MoneyYou can keep the porcelain and tile in your bathrooms and kitchens spotless and hygienic with easy to find, everyday, natural cleansers. Try sprinkling baking soda on the soiled area and then moisten a sponge or cloth to scrub the dirt away. If you have tougher dirt and grime, you can sprinkle on some kosher salt, apply some pressure and the dirt is gone.

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Floor Cleaning in NYC

When you walk into a room one of the first things that you notice is the floor.  The floor is essentially the foundation of a home or business.  The floor is the most noticeable aspect of a room because when people walk into a room, they tend to look where they are going.  The floor is one of the easiest parts of the home to get soiled and stained because people walk on the floor with their shoes.  Shoes are usually what bring in dirt and debris from the outside to the inside of a structure.  A filthy floor is not an option when you have children that are in the crawling phase.  In an office environment, a dirty floor is off-putting to customers and clients.  No one wants to do business in a place that has a messy floor.

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Domestic Cleaning Services in NY

You may be having difficulty with staying on top of the domestic responsibilities of your everyday life.  In today’s society, this is completely normal.  Many people have a long commute to and from a demanding job that keeps them away from home for the majority of daytime hours during the week.  This not only cuts into family time, but this also diminishes time for maintaining a household.  Homes with children, pets and extended family members tend to get messy rather quickly.  It is very hard to keep up with and run behind everyone, picking up their mess.

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Green Cleaning Services

Earth friendly and environmentally safe, green cleaning services are fast becoming the all natural solution for many homes and businesses. The use of cleaning supplies that can contain toxic ingredients and irritants are quickly becoming replaced by cleaners and methods that use only natural and non-toxic products. Green cleaning services is a flourishing industry and is becoming a growing trend not only in the USA, but all over the world.

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Retail Cleaning Services

Are customers complaining how messy your store is?  Are you so busy you don’t have time to clean it yourself?  What about your employees?  Are they all to busy to clean the store?  Or, maybe you’re moving to a new location and need help with the move out clean at your old location and a move in clean at the new location?  Whatever your needs are, hiring a retail cleaning service can often make your life easier, and keep your employees and customers happy.

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Post Construction Commercial Cleaning

Like it or not, construction can be messy. Few home or business owners want to deal with the aftermath of a building project. As such, they turn to post construction commercial cleaning operators to deal with this. They are the experts and have the experience in this kind of job. With small jobs, it may be possible to tackle it yourself, but some tasks are simply too big to handle. For anyone who decides to do it themselves, there are essential pieces of equipment that could minimize the risk of injury.

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Window Cleaning Services New York

It is the bane of many businesses in New York – dirty and streaked windows. Many store fronts suffer from windows under siege of dirt and grime from cars, taxis and the city itself, while larger buildings suffer from the stains of weather. Dirty windows speak of a poorly run business. They are difficult to see through, a poor way to display goods and give a business an air of dirtiness. They are also difficult to clean properly. Luckily, the window cleaning services New York businesses offer are the ideal solution.

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New York Spa Cleaning

new york spa cleaningWhether you operate a commercial business that offers spa services to the public or you have a spa installed within your home, enlisting the services of a reputable NYC spa cleaning company can provide you with many priceless benefits. While the most common purpose of having a spa cleaning company provide necessary maintenance and cleaning services for your spa is to ensure that the space does not take on an unsightly appearance. However, there are many benefits that people often neglect to address when considering their spa cleaning needs. Many of which include the prevention of harmful health hazards that threaten individuals that utilize the spa facilities.

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Maids For Hire In Manhattan

Maids for Hite in ManhattanSome of us love our professions, our families and our homes, but hate cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning is a certified cleaning service in the Manhattan and New York area furnishing maids for hire, janitorial services and cleaning services according to your needs. In addition, the cleaning and maid service is green, using only those products that are safe and natural in your home. Green cleaning and maid services are healthier and safer for your home and family, and do not cost more than the traditional cleaning and maid services.

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Post Construction Cleaning in Elmhurst

Post Construction Cleaning Elmhurst
Post Construction Cleaning ElmhurstResidential or commercial construction in the Elmhurst community involves a lot of cleaning chores. At every phase of construction there is an accumulation of dust particles, grout, cement drips, paper trash and scuff marks. All of this must be thoroughly eliminated before the next phase of construction begins. At 1st Class Cleaning we train a specialized team of cleaning experts to handle all aspects of construction cleanup, both during and after the structure is completed.

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Cleaning Companies in NYC

Residents of New York City certainly have plenty of options when it comes to finding a cleaning service provider.  Choosing from the huge amount of companies can often be a daunting task.  It’s important to focus on what you specifically need from your cleaning service before hiring someone.

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning is more than just tidying up the surface of your home, apartment or office.  Spring cleaning involves giving your space a deep clean to rid yourself of all the dust, dirt, and clutter that has been accumulating for the past several months.  Spring cleaning is essential for all of the rooms in your home, especially in rooms that are used and visited very often.  For a thorough spring cleaning, you can try the following tips:

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Office Cleaning Contracts

At 1st Class Cleaning we don’t just provide you with the most reliable and experienced cleaners, we are also able to provide you with an office cleaning contract that can be customized for each office space, whether by layout, square footage and or type of business. We know that our cleaning services are the most professional office cleaning services that you can find. 1st Class Cleaning can clean your office space before office hours or after office hours and we know that your cleaning needs are as individual as your business; our rates are the most competitive in the greater New York City area. 1st Class Cleaning services are available in Manhattan, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Astoria, and Wall Street.

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Spring Cleaning Ideas

After a long winter of shut up windows, heavy sweaters and messy entry ways, it always feels good to get a good spring cleaning done. People look for spring cleaning ideas as soon as we are able to throw open the windows and let the fresh air and sunshine in. Spring cleaning at one time used to involve cleaning the home from top to bottom, everyone pitching in and getting everything done in one fell swoop. These days, it isn’t as easy to get the entire families participation, and our daily lives and busy schedules can keep even the best intentions laid to rest until once again the summer is over, school is starting and our window of opportunity is now firmly shut for another fall and winter.

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Post Construction Cleaning Services

Post Construction Cleaning ServicesFor every homeowner or business who builds new or remodels, there is need to clean up after the construction is complete. The contractors take their tools and supplies with them, but do not leave the finished premises “move in ready”. There are cleaning services specifically designed for this task. These cleaning services will take a newly built or newly renovated home, apartment or business and clean up all the dust and minor debris left behind. Highly trained cleaners, who are extremely familiar with the needs and requirements of this very special and detailed service, come in and take care of the post construction clean up.

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Construction Clean Up Services in NYC

At every phase of a construction project there will be a buildup of waste material that must be removed in order that the completed structure is fit for occupancy. This removal process must be a part of the labor budget for the building construction itself and therefore choosing a New York City company that specializes in keeping new construction clean and sanitary at a cost that is satisfying to the client is an important matter.

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Green Building Maintenance Services in the NY Area