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Cleaning And Maintenance For Luxurious Condos In Manhattan

There is nothing more welcoming than a luxurious condo after a long day at the office. Whether you work downtown or from home, you want to enter a private retreat in the evening that is clean and inviting. While you may not have time to deal with the regular cleaning and maintenance of your luxury condo, you can hire professional cleaners to take care of it for you.

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How To Get Your House Cleaned With A Checklist

A clean house makes for a happier home. Families can focus on spending time together and relaxing instead of feeling uncomfortable about stains and dirt. Reducing dust and debris will also improve your health.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Green Cleaning Products

Every cleaning product you use has some kind of impact on the environment. Traditional cleaning products work their way into the water and air even when only used in the home. It is important to choose green cleaning products when shopping for supplies.

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How Toxic Are Your Household Cleaning Supplies?

The cleaning supplies available at your local store are filled with warnings about accidental ingestion and skin irritants. The frightening thing about these cleaners is that many leave a residue behind, and that can be dangerous for pets that might lick the floor, or cats that will walk across the floor and then lick their paws. If you have ever wondered just how dangerous these household cleaners are, here are a few facts to consider.

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Green Office Cleaning; Maintaining A Healthy Work Environment

Productive employees are a profitable crew. The question isn’t whether healthy productive employees are better for your business; the question is what you can do to help them stay healthy, happy and productive. While you cannot control what they eat or how active they are at home, there are steps you can take to create a better environment at the office.

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Condo Cleaning Services In NYC

Modern lives are busier now than ever before. Whether you are a professional climbing the corporate ladder, a parent with active children or both, you don’t always have time to dedicate to cleaning your condo. You deserve a clean place to come home to, and you certainly want to come back at the end of the day to a clean and relaxing home, but finding the time and energy to clean it is a real challenge. Fortunately, there are professional cleaning services available to help you keep your place clean and fresh.

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Back To School And Household Cleaning Tips

School is back in session and with it comes the extra cleaning. Tired and restless kids come crashing home with muddy shoes, messy faces, and an explosion of homework. Although kids and teens are now busy with studying and reading, it is still important to maintain a clean household so that everyone can be at their most productive levels. Getting the kids to pitch in and do their share of upkeep at home can ensure a workable living area for all members of the family to enjoy. Here are a few simple tips on how to get the kids involved in cleaning up.

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Best Cleaning Services in NYC

There are hundreds – possibly even thousands – of cleaning service New York City, so it can be overwhelming trying to find the right one to accommodate the needs of your home or office. To make your search easier, 1st Class Cleaning provides cleaning services to residential and commercial clients. Whether you need services for one day or for the long term, 1st Class Cleaning can help.

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How To Get Rid Of Dust Accumulation

Dust can slowly settle over the most immaculate house and leave everything looking dingy, dull and dirty. It creeps into your nasal passages, interferes with your health and makes your home less than enjoyable. Insidious and persistent, the battle against dust never truly ends. With the right tips and tricks, however, you can gain the upper hand and enjoy a cleaner home.

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Bonded Insured Cleaners;Tips for Choosing the Perfect Cleaning service

A house cleaning service can be a blessing in your life. Keeping your home clean and ready for company, you can enjoy the benefits of a home that is tidy and welcoming. It will be easier for you to relax after a long day, and you will look forward to having friends stop by. Hiring the right company is essential to protect your property and ensure that you enjoy quality services. Here are some tips to help you choose the most reliable cleaning service available.

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What Green Products Can Be Used For House Hold Cleaning

Green cleaning products are safe for the environment and your family. Made from natural ingredients, they won’t create dangerous fumes that leave your lungs burning and can harm your skin. Rinsing away clean, they don’t leave behind a residue that can harm your pets or damage your home. If you’ve been looking for green cleaning products you can use in your home, here are a few items you might want to consider.

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10 Ways To Remove Mold From Your Bathtub

clean your bathtub wellMold in the bathtub is an eyesore and can become a safety issue. Causing respiratory problems and spreading along your tub, it’s wise to remove mold as quickly as possible. Fortunately, removing the mold and mildew from your bathroom is actually quite simple. Here are ten effective ways to banish the mold from your bathroom.

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Steam Clean Your BBQ Grill for The Summer

Barbecue grills are one of the top sources of food poisoning in the warm months. Grills that are contaminated with the remains of raw meat or even debris from being outside are never a joy to cook on. Cleaning a grill can be a tedious job, and the chemicals commonly used are harsh on the environment and your lungs. Fortunately, you can use the power of steam to clean your BBQ.

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How To Clean And Whiten Your Bathtub Naturally

clean your bathtubPorcelain is largely resistant to stains, but time and use can start to take their toll. If stains are making your bathtub less than appealing, there is hope for removing them. From letting special cleaners soak in to scrubbing with the right materials, here are some tips to help you clean the stains from your bath.

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New York Medical Office Cleaning

Medical facilities must always be kept completely clean and sanitized. This job is often left to professional janitorial service contractors specializing in the cleaning of health care clinics. Exacting standards must be met in the areas of waste removal and disinfecting. Careful thought should be given to the subject of cleanliness and contractor reliability before choosing a company to maintain the sanitary conditions required in the medical industry.

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Maid Service New York

New York is like a large sampler at Thanksgiving, which makes it much easier to find what you want. This is true as well when it comes to finding maids to do your cleaning.

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Housekeeping New York

There are a large number of factors that you must consider before arriving at a decision for choosing your next housekeeping service in New York. Here are five points of vital interest to your family and home that you must consider before engaging any type of cleaning service to take care of your home. As you are calling around to different cleaning services keep notes on the following five items and how each of the services compare to each other.

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Household Cleaning Tips

Cleaning your home thoroughly and regularly is important for you and your family’s comfort and well-being; however, that doesn’t mean that the task doesn’t often seem boring, repetitive, and never ending. The good news is that there are several household cleaning tips which will minimize the work without sacrificing results. Following are the top 8 most important household cleaning tips.

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Toilet Cleaning in an Office; Tips on How to Clean Toilet Stains

It is easy to spot a bathroom that is not presentable. Chances are, if the bathrooms are nasty dirty, then the office is not cleaned properly either. Just because a bathroom is tidy, however, does not guarantee the bathroom is sanitary clean. Even some bathrooms that appear to be clean, may have unpleasant odors that could indicate a problem. Strong deodorant masks could be used to cover up the situation of a potentially nasty bathroom issue.

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Janitorial Services in New York

Janitorial Service in New YorkIf you’re a small business owner that has recently decided to set up shop in a new office complex, you likely considered all of the major decisions: the number of employees, the available parking, transit concerns, office furniture, computers, and more. But what about keeping that brand new space clean and sanitary for the people you’ll working with each day?

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