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Wall Washing Services NYC

Many homeowners don’t include washing the walls in their homes as part of their normal cleaning routine. Unless you need to remove smudges or marks, your walls may be cleaned less frequently than even ceilings or light fixtures. However, walls collect dust, grime and odors just as carpets, draperies and furniture do. Washing the walls lightens a room, gives it a fresh scent and removes harmful bacteria.

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Window Cleaning Services in Queens

Window cleaning in Queens may be a little less daunting than it would be in Manhattan, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult! In Queens, window washers will mostly have to deal with the windows of private homes, mom and pop stores and apartment buildings that rarely rise above fifteen floors. No matter the size of the job, 1st Class Cleaning is as committed to doing as amazing a job cleaning the windows of a home in Astoria as they would the windows of the Empire State Building.

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Bacteria Sanitation Company in Manhattan NY

Manhattan is known as a melting pot, but most people may not recognize the city for its less popular distinction: a hotbed of bacterial growth.

Manhattan is many things, but most impressively:

  • It is home to over a million and a half people
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Window Washing Services in Manhattan, NY

Window Washing Services in Manhattan NYIf you live in a house in the suburbs, washing your windows probably may not be a very big deal. You could just walk around the house and do it yourself with some class cleaner and a rag or two. Living in Manhattan, however, is like living nowhere else, especially when it comes to cleaning.

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Move In and Move Out Services in Brooklyn

No one wants to move into a dirty space. This is why is important to invest in the best professional cleaning services when moving in or out of a home or apartment. Trusting in the experts at 1st Class Cleaning gives you the services of a team that understands how to clean every square inch of a space. This means getting back your deposit, get your home in working order, and saving a lot of time and energy. You have other things to worry about when moving into or out of a home, so why add extra stress to your process when you can have someone else do it for you.

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After Party Clean Up Services in New York

Any host can agree that the worst part of a party is the cleanup that comes after the guests have left. A great party can still leave an unbearable thought when it comes to facing the extreme cleanup that you’ll be left to deal with. The experienced team at 1st Class Cleaning understands this stress and provides after party clean up services for various parties. This is why a host should take advantage of trusting in our specialists when it comes to the last thing you want to be thinking of when planning a party. Our professionals specialize in after party cleanup services in New York and are your best option to let you get some rest after an incredible night and a successful soiree.

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Pre Construction Cleaning in NYC

In a culture where we are busier than ever, people have decided to forgo home maintenance and hire cleaning services for their homes and businesses. Having someone come and clean while they are away at work, running errands or on vacation makes life bearable. However, professional cleaning companies can do much more than weekly vacuuming and dusting. They have the tools and professionals to make your home shine in any circumstance. You want to hire a cleaning service that will go the extra mile and help you prepare for a mess, before it even happens.

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Small Green Office Cleaning In Brooklyn NY

With today’s emphasis on eco-friendly cleaning products and non-toxic alternatives to harsh chemical compounds, small offices in Brooklyn are turning to janitorial services that practice safer methods. One of the major concerns for small business owners and business property managers is the health of those who work in the office on a daily basis. A professional maid service that uses organically derived cleaners, surfactants and solvents leaves an office or showroom completely sanitized, with no lingering odors, no harmful residues, and no substances known to cause allergic reactions.

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Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NY

Flooring Steaming Services in Astoria NYHomeowners may be aware of the benefits of cleaning carpet with the power of steam, but they are often unaware that other flooring types benefit from this cleaning technique as well. Vinyl, composite, ceramic tiles and wood can all be cleaned with the right steaming equipment. Flooring steaming services in Astoria, NY are the best way to remove old stains and stubborn dirt that won’t come up with vacuuming or mopping. Regular visits from a flooring steaming service can keep your new carpet or tile looking like new for years of heavy use.

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House Cleaning Services Queens, NY

House Cleaning Services Queens NYThere is nothing more relaxing than walking into a clean, beautiful home at the end of a long, tiring day. Unfortunately, finding the time to clean that home and make it sparkle can be stressful and challenging. Whether you are insanely busy or just tired of the daily cleaning chores, the perfect answer is treating yourself to a house cleaning service.

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