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Restaurant Cleaning Services in Rockaway Park NY

Restaurants must maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. When it comes to your Rockaway Park, NY, dining room, you cannot settle for a quick dusting and floor mopping. Every inch must be sparkling clean to keep insects away, appease the health inspector and ensure that your guests have a fantastic experience.

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How to Prevent Dust Build Up

Dusting is more than just an endless and thankless household chore. The irritation of making sure the job gets done is just the beginning. 1st Class Cleaning in New York knows that beneath the surface layer of dust lurk issues that are much more than merely unsightly – Those tiny specks of dust could cause serious health concerns. Dust contains pollutants, pollen and dust mite feces. While it is not dinner-time conversation, it is the feces of the dust mites that are the culprits in causing many severe allergic reactions and respiratory problems. The only way to prevent the risks wrapped inside these balls of dust is to prevent dust build up from the start.

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Commercial Building Cleaning In Manhattan NY

Commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories and office suites are subjected to a high volume of human traffic. Waste piles up, stuffy air and buildups of mold and bacteria occur with regularity. Timely maid service is essential for keeping business locations clean and sanitized. In Manhattan, companies have come to rely on the professional team at 1st Class Cleaning for fast, efficient janitorial work.

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Window Steam Cleaning Services in Elmhurst, NY

Keep your windows sparkling and beautiful with window steam cleaning services in Elmhurst, NY. Over time, debris can start to build up on your windows, leaving them dingy, cloudy and uninviting. One of the fastest, most effective ways to clean and sanitize these glass surfaces is with the power of steam.

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Cleaning Service for Manhattan Apartment

Cleaning Service for Manhattan ApartmentKeeping your Manhattan Apartment clean and tidy can be challenging if you have a busy career or a full social life. Finding the time for sweeping and wiping down the counter tops is hard for most residents of the city. A professional cleaning service for Manhattan apartment care can turn your messy home into a spotless and comforting escape. Cleaners are also immensely helpful for a good cleaning before you move into a new apartment. They can also help you get your deposit back by scrubbing every inch of an apartment before you move out. Choosing the right service is the key to getting great service.
Range of Services
Look for a company that offers a wide range of services. Most cleaning companies can handle the basic routine chores like sweeping, dusting and scrubbing toilets or sinks. Ensure that any service you consider will handle the chores you need the most. Some companies won’t handle laundry or changing bed linens. The team should also be capable of doing deep cleaning like shampooing the carpets or removing stains from grout. This ensures your Manhattan apartment will always look its best. If you have allergies or shedding pets find a cleaning service that offers special cleaning techniques to help with these challenges.

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Post Construction Cleaning Ridgewood

post construction cleaning RidgewoodHaving a room or rooms in your home remodeled is an exciting time. Once all the construction is finished you have something you designed yourself that you get to see everyday when you wake up and walk around your home. The only problem with this type of inside construction is that the room is usually a mess. Though the contractors will likely clean up before leaving, they rarely clean well or thoroughly. That is why you need post construction cleaning.

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Spring Cleaning Staten Island

Spring Cleaning Staten IslandIt is never too soon to consider spring-cleaning for New York City residents, and we have the perfect solution at 1st Class Cleaning. Known throughout the metropolitan area as the most reliable maid service with excellent standards of home cleaning, we also are proud to use green products that are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Thus, your home smells clean, but there is additional comfort in knowing that its shiny good looks and great light scent are the result of natural products. Further, as we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, our focus is on client-based needs, of which spring-cleaning is certainly an important one.

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Spring Cleaning Astoria NY, 11102

spring cleaning astoria The coming of spring brings new flowers, lovely green colors and a fresh cleanliness to the entire world. Everyone wants to throw open their windows to allow the fresh, clean air to penetrate every stale, dusty corner of their homes. Unfortunately, the fresh air of spring does nothing for the dust bunnies underneath the bed, the cobwebs on the baseboards and the grime on the tops of the cabinets.

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