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Spring Cleaning Howard Beach NY

spring cleaning howard beachWhen spring comes, many of us are ready to open the windows and clear the home of the stuffy air of winter. It is a time when people clean the home and prepare for the fresh air and outdoor activities of spring and summer. It is a time of rebirth and rejuvenation.

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Spring Cleaning Springfield Gardens, NY

Spring Cleaning Springfield Gardens Some people are hesitant to hire professional cleaners or a maid service because they think it’s an unnecessary luxury. However, after the stress and mess of the holidays and the dampness and chill of winter, spring-cleaning is a necessity. Hiring a professional who is thoroughly trained in green cleaning methods and products makes spring-cleaning even more effective.

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Maid Services Staten Island, NY

maid services Staten IslandHiring a maid or housekeeper may sound expensive. In reality homeowners usually find the investment will almost pay for itself. Time is not wasted keeping the home neat and sanitary. Cleaning products are provided and homeowners save money by not having to purchase mops, towels, buckets and sponges. At 1st Class Cleaning our goal is to provide customers with 5-star residential and office cleaning services performed by knowledgeable housekeepers. We serve all of Staten Island and can arrange either a one-time or continuous contract covering everything from simple floor waxing to complete home sanitation.

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Spring Cleaning Rockaway Park NY

spring cleaning rockaway parkAs the snow and ice of winter slowly begins to melt and temperatures rise, people around Rockaway Park will begin the annual spring-cleaning process. Keeping your home, apartment or business shut tightly during the winter keeps the place warm, but makes it hard to clear out dust. Most people also stop cleaning as vigorously during the cold months because holiday celebrations take up most of their time. 1st Class Cleaning is here to help you start this spring with a fresh and clean environment. There are five main benefits we can offer you with our professional cleaning services.

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Spring Cleaning Ridgewood, NY

Spring Cleaning RidgewoodSpring-cleaning gives you the chance to rid your home of the stale air and general funk that permeates your home during the winter months. In winter, you keep the windows closed and the stale air settles into any fabric surface, including furniture, curtains, and carpets or rugs. While you can do all the hard work yourself, you can also call 1st Class Cleaning and let us takeover. We feature a trained staff of housekeepers with experience battling hundreds of different problems and situations. The process starts with one of our cleaning staff coming directly to your home and discussing your needs. You can even arrange for the housekeeper to do a quick walk-through and tell you what needs done.

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Spring Cleaning Woodhaven NY, 11421

With spring, and of course spring cleaning, just a few short weeks away, now is the time to find a cleaning service you can trust to get your home, office or business as fresh and clean as the new season. At 1st Class Cleaning, our aim is to provide top quality cleaning services at completely reasonable prices. We want to provide our clients and customers with reliable service and a personal touch. Each and everyday we make that happen in homes and businesses throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

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Spring Cleaning Elmhurst NY, 11373

spring cleaning elmhurstAfter a long, cold winter during which the windows are shut and dirt accumulates indoors many are ready to give their Elmhurst home a proper spring-cleaning. The problem is that most folks simply do not have the time to tackle this project. The affordable solution is to call in the services of 1st Class Cleaning. We have teams standing by who will give the home a complete washing and scrubbing as well as removal of all garbage and recyclable materials. This service does not require an ongoing contract and the efficient methods employed by our field personnel will have the home clean and fresh in no time.

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Maid Services Ozone Park NY, 11417

Maid Services Ozone ParkAt 1st Class Cleaning, our clients are number one! After carefully consulting with each client about special cleaning needs, we will customize a cleaning program. Clients sometimes require special one-time cleaning services:

After foreclosures evacuate
Before a house flip
Post construction or renovation projects
When renters move out

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Maid Services Corona NY, 11368

maid services coronaOur homes are a reflection of ourselves. No matter how large or small our living areas are, they are meant to provide sanctuary from the outside world. Living in a chaotic environment can cause additional stress. Most adults have numerous commitments that keep them busy throughout the week. When it is time to relax after work or on weekends, the house may be too dirty. A dirty house can make it challenging to simply unwind from the problems faced outside of the home. 1st Class Cleaning is available to help keep all areas of the home cleaner.

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Maid Services Howard Beach NY, 11414

Hiring a maid for general housecleaning and laundry may seem like an expensive idea but in fact the service is very affordable. Howard Beach residents can rely on 1st Class Cleaning for a dependable, expert maid. Our staff of highly qualified workers will keep the home spotless and perform above and beyond expectations. Whether the customer needs room cleaning, kitchen upkeep or total laundry service our maids are ready to complete the job.

Expect First Rate Service From Day One

Our maids are dispatched directly to Howard Beach residences at the exact time the customer wishes. Our field personnel are equipped with all of the cleaning products, wipes, brushes, towels and other tools required for complete home service. A custom schedule can be set up where certain duties are performed only on a particular visit. If the customer desires an ongoing contract the same maid can be scheduled for repeat service. This means familiarity with the routine and a personal touch because the maid has a commitment to reliable work each and every visit.

Bathrooms, Kitchens And Carpet

Our maid service handles all of the vacuuming, dusting, polishing and window washing duties. The bathroom will receive special attention. Faucets and other fixtures will be polished and the sinks will be thoroughly scrubbed. Toilets are always 100 percent sanitized and all mildew growth, mold or lime deposit is quickly dealt with.

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Spring Cleaning Corona NY, 11368

Selecting a cleaning service is the most convenient way to keep a household under control while maintaining everything else in your professional life. With all that needs to be done at work and at home, turning over a lot of the household burden to cleaning experts is a great idea. 1st Class Cleaning in New York is known as the most trusted and reliable service in the entire metropolitan area. Whether it is dusting, mopping, sweeping and scrubbing, no other company is as dedicated to keeping things clean.

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Spring Cleaning Ozone Park NY, 11420

spring cleaning ozone parkAfter a long, cold winter, most people eagerly anticipate the coming of spring. They look forward to warmer days full of sunshine and blue skies. In fact, the only thing that many people dislike about spring is the arduous task called spring-cleaning.

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Maid Services in Springfield Gardens, NY

Wmaid services springfield gardensith the busy pace of modern life, it is not easy to go to work and then take care of everything else. Get household chores done and have time to spare with the most professional house cleaning service in the business. 1st Class Cleaning in New York has been serving the metropolitan area for many years. In that time, we have built a reputation for customer care that ensures that homes stay beautiful throughout the year. With experienced cleaning experts and excellent customer support, it is no wonder why we are the only choice for household maintenance.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom?Often people wonder how often it is really necessary to clean one’s bathroom. Remember, one key to keeping your bathroom clean and odor free is keeping the moisture levels low. There are some easy ways to accomplish this.

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Cleaning Services Astoria NY

Good cleaning starts with good people. 1st Class Cleaning is an organization dedicated to providing professional cleaning service to the good people of the five boroughs, Cleaning Services Astoriaincluding Astoria in Queens. From the East River to 50th street, we will offer you a full range of cleaning services whether you live in a simple studio or have luxurious work offices, all performed by hard working individual trained in a variety of special services. Along with our specialized staff, we also provide out own supplies, equipment and tools, in addition to General Liability Insurance and Workman’s Compensation in order to protect the homes and offices of our clients.

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Cleaning Services Staten Island NY, 10304

Cleaning is a time consuming task that requires you to get down and dirty to get in all the nooks and crannies. If you have a busy Cleaning Services Staten Island schedule with work, school, hobbies, children, a spouse or other obligations you may not want to deal with the hassle of keeping your house spotless.

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