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Maid and Cleaning Service NYC

Maid and Cleaning Service NYC1st Class Cleaning offers cleaning services in New York City. Some common services offered by 1st Class Cleaning include residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, construction cleaning and other additional services. 1st Class Cleaning is environmentally friendly, offering special “green” packages that use natural products that are not harmful to the environment. Other packages include allergy cleaning to make your house clean enough even for the allergy sufferers in your family.

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Post Construction Cleaning Brooklyn

If you own a building and have just finished constructing and refurbishing the property, you will need the services of a post construction cleaning Brooklyn service that will handle all of the cleaning duties. The cleaners will prepare your building from the first day they step past the door and will do so in a timely manner.

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Upholstery Cleaning Queens NY, 11415

Getting your luxury upholstery cleaned and sanitized correctly without the use of harsh chemicals will keep it in like-new condition for many years. Our superior cleaning service in Queens, Manhattan, and larger New York City is among the best in the business when it comes to cleaning your apartment, home or office. Your total satisfaction is guaranteed. Our award winning service is the product of a team of dedicated cleaning professionals and a desire to innovate and establish ourselves as the premier cleaning service in Manhattan. Some of the reasons for hiring us to be your cleaning company are lack of time in your schedule for cleaning your apartment, the need for a deep, thorough cleaning coupled with a respect for your home and belongings, and the ability to make your place look presentable in a reasonable amount of time before entertaining guests.

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Professional Cleaning Company Manhattan

When you think of clean, what comes to mind? Does it make you take a deep breath and smile, feeling less stressed? Or do you envision an artificial floral or pine scent covering an underlying smoke, dust or mildew smell? If the idea of cleaning your living space exhausts you, it is time to step back and let a professional take over for the day, or schedule a housekeeper as part of your regular routine.

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Eco Cleaning Services Brooklyn

You want your home or office clean, sanitized and odor-free. But you are also concerned about the dangers of toxic chemicals so often found in industrial strength soaps, disinfectants and stain removers. As our society becomes more environmentally conscious, the professional cleaning industry has kept pace and now features an entire line of green products for home and office cleaning. 1st Class Cleaning offers exceptional service throughout the borough of Brooklyn and uses the latest in organic cleaning products, specifically designed to keep humans and pets safe from harsh chemicals that are also extremely dangerous for the environment.

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Move Out Cleaning Queens

Move Out Cleaning QueensThere are only so many hours in the day, so if you are a NYC resident about to move and you just don’t want to be bothered with the final step of move out cleaning, 1st Class Cleaning NYC is the service for you.

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Office Carpet Cleaning New York City

Office Carpet Cleaning New York City with 1st Class CleaningA New York City office conveys a position of importance and professionalism. You’ve chosen to work out of a space in the heart of the most thriving city in the country. However, simply having a prestigious address or a beautifully decorated office isn’t enough to create a great workspace. Without the right maintenance your office begins to look worn or dingy, no matter how new your space is. Regular cleaning keeps work spaces neat without the need for you or an employee to take time out of a busy schedule to scrub the walls. You shouldn’t have to worry about office cleaning with all of the other concerns on your mind.

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