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House Cleaning Services NYC

Spending hours on cleaning can take the enjoyment out of your time off. If you get up early on the weekends just to pick up around the house, consider a professional house cleaning service. Check out First Class Cleaning, a company that provides reasonably-priced and reliable house cleaning services in the NYC metro area.

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Carpet Cleaners in NYC

Finding a reputable and reliable carpet cleaner in New York City does not have to be the chore that it once was. Recently, a close friend relocated to the New York City area and she was promised by her new landlord that the expensive carpets in her new Manhattan loft would be cleaned for her prior to moving in. After weeks of waiting, and unable to move in until the carpets were cleaned, she finally had to take matters into her own hands. She needed to find a carpet cleaner in New York City that would meet her time constraints and more importantly, do the job right the first time. The previous tenants had a cat, so there was an added issue of pet odor and stains. She went online and spent hours trying to find a carpet cleaner in New York City that met all of her criteria. In the time that she had spent trying to find a carpet cleaner, most carpet cleaners would have had the job already done and move-in ready for her! It was astounding how many there were to choose from! In the end, she talked to her co-worker and she recommended 1st Class Cleaning in New York City, and when she visited the website, she was amazed that she could even set up an appointment online!

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Cleaning Service in Manhattan

If you are looking for a cleaning service in the Manhattan area, look no further than 1st Class Cleaning NYC. Times have changed, and hiring a cleaning service or a maid to come in to your home to take care of the chores you no longer have time for is not considered a luxury, but a necessity. Our lives are busier than ever and who wants to spend precious free time cleaning? Even cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms is a chore that we continue to put off until things are so out of control that it takes a couple of hours just to clean one room! Add the chores of laundry and grocery shopping, and the weekend is nearly over.

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Cleaning Service in New York City

Finding a reliable and affordable cleaning service in New York City isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Jump on the internet and do a quick search, you will receive more results than you bargained for. More often than not, you will go through a dozen services to be able to get the service and the value that you and your family deserve. It seems as though no matter what service you choose, something goes wrong. Either the service itself is less than exceptional or the price is over the top, or someone comes to your home to clean and even at first glance they don’t look trustworthy. If you want to avoid all of these scenarios and have the peace of mind that you deserve, than don’t waste your precious time and give 1st Class Cleaning a call.

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Maid New York

Finding a maid in New York City is easy. Finding a dependable, reasonable and reliable maid in New York City is a little tougher. 1st Class Cleaning is your one stop in finding everything you are looking for when you need maid service in the New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens area. We also service Wall Street, Astoria and downtown. 1st Class Cleaning does it all and no job is too big or too small. Whether you need a maid to come in once a week or once a month, our maid services can be customized to suit all your needs.

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NY Maid

My friend recently moved to the New York City Manhattan area. After several months of getting her bearings, settling into her new job and learning the subway system, she finally decided she needed to hire a maid or find a maid service in the Manhattan area. She went online and couldn’t believe all of her choices. It was overwhelming! How was she to determine which service was best when all claimed to be the best.

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