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Marble Cleaning

Despite its durability and beauty, marble stains easily. Grease, dirt, and liquids can seep into marble permanently. Marble, then, is not only expensive to buy, it’s also expensive to maintain. You have to keep a careful watch on it. In order to better care for marble, you need to know its composition. Knowing the essence of marble will help you choose the best cleaning agents.

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Grease Cleaning Made Easy

When cleaning grease, you must know which of two kinds of grease you intend to clean: either cooking grease or lubricant grease. There are nuances within each category, but essentially all grease can be labeled as one or the other. These two categories of grease are so different chemically that the agents used to clean them must be different as well.

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When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Out Your Freezer?

Ideally, a freezer should be thoroughly cleaned twice a year but it’s easy to overlook the freezer when doing household chores. By the time you wonder when the last time you cleaned your freezer was, you may think you are in for an all-day chore. However, there are ways to clean your freezer that will not eat up an entire day, and cleaning the freezer is beneficial to the food you freeze. A clean freezer smells better and does not transfer odors into items that absorb such smells easily, like ice creams and ice cubes. Additionally, if you have an older freezer model in which ice can actually build up in the freezer compartment, a clean freezer runs better and more efficiently, costing you less each month on the electricity to run it.

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Welcoming Allergic Guests

When welcoming guests into one’s home, the host must take special care to ensure that they are comfortable. These days, this means being aware of your guests’ allergies.

According to current estimates, allergies may affect as many as one out of every five Americans. So, don’t be afraid to ask your guests in advance if they suffer from allergies. Even if not, they are likely to be grateful for your consideration.

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