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Organize Your Linen Closet

Your linen closet may become the catch-all for any old and unused linens and towels you may have in your home. To be able to use this space efficiently, you must be able to keep it clean and organized. There are several steps you can take to do a complete cleaning and organization of your linen closet.

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Removing Bathroom Odors

Sometime the odor in the bathroom can take on a life of its own, making your bathroom the one room you don’t want to enter. Whether it is from the user or the room, there are lots of things you can do to get rid of bathroom odor. It does not have to be expensive or difficult to do this and here are a few inexpensive ideas to have your bathroom smelling clean and fresh in no time.

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Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows can seem like an impossible task. Windows are your protection against the elements and because of this, are often filled with the dirt, grime and other particles that are floating outside your home. But don’t fret. You can have great, spotless and streak-free windows by taking a couple of simple steps.

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Caring for Small Appliances

In order to clean small kitchen appliances, it is important to first read the documentation that comes with the appliance. Many people throw these papers and booklets away without a glance, not realizing that they contain useful (and often important safety-related information!).

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Removing Oil and Food Splatter from Kitchen Walls

We’ve all had trouble with food and oil splatter when cleaning. As usual, with cleaning, “A good defense is a good offense.” Prepare your cooking area in advance to avoid splattering food or oil to begin with.

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How Often Should a Business Office Clean

If you are like most people, an office will begin to gather dust and dirt before it would dawn on you that it’s time to clean it. In an ideal world, however, your workplace would never even approach that point. When dust balls, debris, and fingerprints are not even yet visible to the casual observer, it can still have a subtle but negative impact. The mood, tone, and energy in the workplace can suffer, possibly slowing down overall efficiency and production.

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How to Get Rid of Toilet Bowl Rings

Sometimes the toilet will have a ring or film that is yellow or brown. This comes from water that is chemically treated or has a large number of minerals. While some people install water softeners to reduce the number of chemicals in the water, sometimes the toilet bowl rings remain in the toilet.

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Organize Your Laundry Room

It’s time to get your house in order, specifically your laundry room. Organizing your space can make you feel better and even make you more efficient. Here are some great tips to organize your laundry room.

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Post Party Cleaning Tips

Let’s face it, hosting a party is hard work. Ensuring that everyone has fun, that people are supplied with drinks and food, plus undertaking preparations beforehand, boy, am I beat by the time the party’s over. The last thing I want to do is spend hours cleaning up soon after I’d ensured immaculate condition for the party’s start.

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Small Business Cleaning Tips

Keeping a small business clean presents special challenges. Not least of these is the often friendly nature of the small business. No one wants to take on the “Mom” role, constantly reminding employees to be tidy, or cleaning up after them.

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How to Clean a Manhattan Office

Cleaning an office in Manhattan comes with its own set of challenges in addition to the ones present anywhere for quality cleaning. New York is the hub of the modern world, and its offices a very prominent part of that. Such a big percentage of the city’s citizens work at an office, the condition of cleanliness in the workplace is a vital concern for the health and well-being of a huge chunk of the population.

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Cleaning Hard to Reach Places

The saying goes, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is the extra.” Just because the corners are difficult to reach doesn’t mean they shouldn’t sparkle like the rest of the carpeting. In the modern age of microfiber, enzyme cleaners and vacuums, it’s easier than ever to do that extra bit. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

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Secrets to Great Smelling Laundry

Your clothes say a lot about you. The greatest way to stay looking stylish is to take good care of your clothing so you always look your best in whatever you wear. The same goes for the linens you use in your home and your towels and pillows, too. These items are used daily and you want them to be as clean and fresh every time you wash them as when you first purchased them. You want to make sure your laundry is not only clean, but also clean-smelling. To do this, there are several steps you need to take.

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Selling Your Home? Keep it Clean

The best way to showcase your home when it’s on the market it to make sure it’s spotless. Buyers searching for a home want to be able to see the beauty of the home without seeing your excess clutter or mess. A buyer is more likely to make an offer on a home that is clean and shows that it has been well maintained than one that shows dirt, grime, or decay.

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How to Organize and Clean Your Mudroom

Your mudroom serves as an important room in your house. The mudroom is the first room you enter when coming into a house. This room can be a catch-all for everyone’s items, bags, shoes, coats and other belongings and it can often get messy or cluttered very easily. The best method of keeping a clean mudroom is to try an organization method that gives a place for every item that gets dropped off in your mudroom.

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Hard To Reach Places People Forget to Clean

There are hundreds of areas in our homes to clean, and dozens of hard to reach areas that many people forget about when doing regular home cleaning. Many of these areas are used every day and are looked over when doing general cleaning. It is important to be sure to clean these areas regularly to keep dirt and grime from building up in your home. Most people don’t know where these hard to reach places are, and so here are some examples of places most often overlooked by people while cleaning their home.

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How to Clean Your Coffeemaker

Most people use their coffeemaker every day. Because it gets used so often, most coffeemakers are caked with dirt and grime, often in places that you can’t see. Constant use of your coffeemaker allows dirt to build up, and without regular cleaning, your coffeemaker could cause a health risk. A dirty coffeemaker can greatly impact the taste of your coffee, so it is important to know how to keep your coffeemaker clean and working well. Hard mineral deposits, oil leftover from coffee brewing and other particles can greatly impact the quality of your coffee and the water you use for brewing. It’s important to know how to clean your own coffeemaker on a regular basis to keep it clean and sanitary and also in good working condition.

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DIY (Do it Yourself) Upholstery Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep costs down and keep a clean home is to learn to clean your upholstery. Most household surfaces are easy to clean, with the biggest exception being your upholstery. Depending on the material, there are many different ways of keeping your upholstery clean, and it’s important to learn these different strategies to keep a clean home.

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Cleaning Your AC Filter

For a long-lasting and efficient air conditioning unit, you must learn how to clean your own AC filter. Before you can learn how to clean the filter, though, you must understand how your air conditioning system works. Your air conditioning unit works by having fresh air circulated through evaporator and condenser coils. It is important that the air that comes in contact with these coils is not filled with dust or particles so that the coils continue to work unclogged.

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Caring for Your Carpet

Keeping a clean carpet free of excess toxins, dust mites, bacteria, debris, and insects is important in maintaining a clean home. Caring for your carpet can be a difficult task if you’re not aware of the best ways to keep it clean. It’s important to know what methods help you maintain a clean carpet and do routine deep cleanings to keep it that way. There are many methods and products available on the market to do this, and it’s wise to learn the methods that help maintain a clean carpet and what products are best for you and your home.

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Cleaning Items Found In Your Pantry

Many people are watching their budget, and one of the easiest ways to save money is to learn the tips and tricks of using household products to clean your home. Many of the items can be found in your very own pantry, and are very useful for cleaning even some of the most difficult areas of the home. Don’t buy expensive one-use household cleaners again. Try these common household products you can find in your own cupboard or pantry and save money while keeping your house sparkling clean.

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Caring for Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Hardwood and bamboo flooring can be gorgeous additions to any home. Caring for these specialty floorings takes a little know-how and hard work, but it will make these gorgeous floors last you for many years. Learning to take care of these types of floors will benefit the quality and value of your home. Be sure to learn the various ways of caring for these types of floorings and you will be rewarded.

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Cleaning and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Having disorganized kitchen cabinets can put a strain on your day to day life. It’s hard to find all of your utensils without an organizational system. While organizing doesn’t come easily for everyone, with a few tips and tricks, anyone can have the clean and organized kitchen of their dreams! There a few simple steps you can take to clean and reorganize your kitchen cabinets.

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Cleaning Your Home for a Vacation

Before leaving for a vacation, one of the items on your to-do list should be to clean and prepare your home before you leave. I know it may seem silly to clean your house, even though nobody is using it for a few days or weeks, but the benefits of leaving a clean house when you go for a vacation can put your mind at ease.

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Help With Pet Hair in Your Home

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience in many ways, but one of the downsides can be having a home filled with pet dander or hair. Many people are allergic to fur, or have allergies that the pet dander can aggravate. Your pet can’t help it, they shed, and it’s your job as their owner to remove the pet hair from your home. Here is a handy guide to what you will need to combat pet dander in your home. These methods are quick and inexpensive and can be implemented by any pet owner!

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Chores You Should Leave to the Professionals

For many thrifty Americans, the idea of outsourcing chores is a preposterous one! With money so tight these days, pinching every penny helps. However, new research has proven that outsourcing your chores can lead to higher productivity, and even a savings in cash. There are some chores you should just leave to the professionals. Some tasks, like oven cleaning, bleaching, and deep cleaning of grout and tile involve dangerous chemicals, and it is not only safer, but more economically sensible to leave these to trained cleaning services.

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How to Remove Stale Cigarette Odor

Has cigarette odor invaded your home, and you are not sure what to do about it? Some may worry that once the odor is there it may take months for it to fully wear away. Well, there are many all-natural approaches you can take to removing stale cigarette odor from your life once and for all! Are you fed up with chemicals that claim to do the trick, but never fully do? Then this list should put you on the road to owning a great smelling home.

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How to Clean Grease Stains in Your Oven

Pesky grease stains in your oven getting you down? Is it time to get down to business and get that oven clean? It may seem tough, and you may not know where to begin, but you just need to follow a few easy steps. Here is a quick and easy way to clean grease stains in your oven. After completing these, you will be well on your way to a grease free, squeaky clean oven.

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How to Freshen Up a Mattress

Even for folks that are cleaning whizzes and try to dust, vacuum, and do laundry once a week, there is one item of furniture that is regularly forgotten. The mattress. Here are a few tips on how to freshen your mattress.

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How to Eliminate House Stress

Have you ever had unexpected company while your house couldn’t possibly be any messier? I believe most of us have experienced this type of situation at least once or twice. When this occurs we are forced to go into a mad frenzy of house cleaning and we run around organizing a few things without the visitors noticing. When we don’t have any time to organize a few things we are terribly embarrassed and ask to be excused for the terrible mess. Well, even though it’s not easy to keep on top of housework, especially when you have a big family and work, its best you try to keep your house as clean as possible to avoid embarrassing situations. There is a way to do almost everything and there are ways to keep your house clean even if you have a busy schedule, which means there is no excuse for having a messy house. If you follow most of these tips you won’t have to worry about embarrassing situations anymore.

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How to Clean Up After Your Pets

Many of us love pets. They are cute, cuddly and good company, especially for those who live alone. But the problem is when we realize the special care needed when you own them. Some pets shed hair, which can get all over your furniture and floor. Some owners might not have trained their pet yet and have urine or poop odor in their home. All of these are problems you face when owning a pet. When it comes to maintaining your home, special care is needed to keep your house smelling and looking clean. Cats and dogs are the pets that usually live inside the home and are the ones that create the most mess. However, don’t worry, you won’t have to get rid of your pets, all you need to do is have the right tools and a few techniques up your sleeve.

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Go Green!

Many of us suffer from allergies and cannot use cleaning products that contain too many chemicals. For example Clorox, Lysol, Windex, or Ajax these are all cleaning products that many are allergic to and that are dangerous to have around children and the strong smell that they have can be damaging if children were to inhale it. The good news is that there are new cleaning products that are organic and their smell is pleasant and healthy at same time. These new organic cleaning products are known as Method products.

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Cleaning your Kid’s Room

Cleaning the kid’s room is one of the worse rooms to clean. At times upon entering there is hardly any room to walk, due to the abundance of toys and stuffed animals thrown all over the floor. The walls are colored with crayons /drawings and stickers. It is almost as if you get discouraged the moment you even think about cleaning because you know that when they get back from school it will be messy again in less than an hour. But, even though cleaning their room is both frustrating and dreadful, it has to get done one way or another. Here you will learn easier and faster ways of cleaning the kid’s room to make your life easier.

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How to Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has become very popular in kitchens. Almost everyone you know seems to have some throughout their kitchen. They don’t just have it on the appliances, but on counters and cabinets as well. Why has stainless steel become so popular? Simply, stainless steel really adds to the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen. It also gives the kitchen a “clean” feeling. A kitchen also has a professionally designed look with elements adorned with stainless steel. However, many who have stainless steel are frustrated because they just don’t know how to maintain it and keeping it look as new as ever. It may be stainless but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need attention to keep it looking great. Here are some of the questions we hear from those frustrated with maintaining stainless steel.

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Purifying Your Bathroom

How to get mold out of your ceramic tiles
Before we begin, you should know that you will not need any cistern blocks or artificial perfumes. With a proper hard surface detergent like “Tub and Tile spray” from Method Products, you can wash down the whole of the toilet. When you are doing this it is important that you also wash down behind the toilet seat, and then rinse it off. Then to dry it off you should wipe with a half damp cloth and leave it to dry. Put a splash of detergent into the toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush. When you are done scrubbing make sure you flush your toilet so that you rinse off the detergent.

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Mildew And Mold Prevention

As you come across the title of this article, many of you are probably asking yourselves, what is mildew? Well, for those who don’t know, mildew is a growth produced by mold that is black, or sometimes white and thin. Many believe that mold and mildew are the same thing but there are not. Mold will flourish on anything; mildew will only grow where it is warm, damp, or where air is not circulated. You can look for mildew in clothing closets, basements, cellars and crawl spaces. Other places to look for mildew are on damp clothes waiting to be ironed, rugs in basements, draperies, and shower curtains. Molds and mildew are also most likely to grow in a new house because the building materials are moisturized. Whereever it is moist you can be sure that mildew will flourish. Having molds grow in your home can cause considerable damage and leave musty odors. Mold and mildew discolor fabrics at times they will rot your fabrics into pieces by eating into them. For the safety of your home and possessions you must prevent mold and mildew from growing in your home. Not only will it destroy your home but it will also leave your home with bad odors and we all know that it is important that a home always smells nice and fresh.

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Removing Carpet Stains

One of the reasons why most people prefer hard wood floors than carpets is because of the stains. Even though you may not have kids, accidents happen to everyone and once you spill something on your carpet, you stain it and it seems almost impossible to get it out. You try all kinds of tricks your friends tell you, but nothing seems to work and then you regret having a carpet floor at your home. The truth of the matter is that even though carpet floors get stains there a couple of ways of getting them out with patience and a few tips.

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Removing Stains on Your Floors

We all love to have our hard surface floors look spectacular and clean but there are times where we can have little accidents and get stains on our floors and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when we use the wrong corrective methods and end up making the stain bigger or worse by damaging our floors. Here are a few stains we tend to get on our hard surface floors and methods that help remove these types of stains.

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Saving Energy with Laundry and Tips to Clean Machine

Anyone who has a laundry room at home knows that it is maximum energy consumer. Even though you are able to do laundry in your own home you try to keep laundry to the minimum because you’re afraid of wasting energy. There many easy ways to save energy with laundry. Here are tips on how to save energy with laundry and keeping your laundry room clean.

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Taking Care of Your Furniture

Care and Cleaning of Antique Wood Furniture
Antique wood furniture can easily begin showing cracks if it is exposed to humidity and high temperature. This may also cause losing joints and veneer. Always make sure glass beverages, vases of flowers, etc. are set on surface with a coaster or some kind of mat protection. Coasters are needed so that they won’t leave stains on your furniture.

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Sink and Faucet Cleaning

Chrome Faucets
When cleaning our kitchen or bathroom we always need to clean our chrome faucets. However, how can we clean our chrome faucets without leaving stains behind? This is the question most of us ask ourselves when we try cleaning our faucets over and over again to clean off the stains. Well, chrome faucets are easily cleaned with soapy water. Cleaning them with a wet towel will not work as well. After cleaning with soapy water, just rinse and dry with a paper towel in order to restore its luster. To remove the dirt and grime deposits from under the edges of the faucet you should use an old toothbrush. Your goal is to leave your faucet clearer than a mirror.

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Tips & Tricks on How to Remove Stains

Don’t you hate it when you are doing laundry and you have a stain that no matter how many times you throw it in the washing machine it won’t come out? From the messages we get on Twitter, we can tell it happens a lot. You try throwing it in alone, and then you put more detergent and still no result. This is due to the fact that there are different types of stains and different tricks on how to remove it. All you need is a few tips on how to remove stains and you will get them off in no time.

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Tips for Bedroom Cleaning

Let’s start off with being completely honest and admitting that our bedrooms receive the least amount of attention from us. Many of us ignore the fact that its one of the most important rooms in a home. Even though all you do is sleep in a bedroom the air and room must be clean so that you don’t inhale dust or any other germs while you are sleeping.. It is extremely important for a bedroom to be disinfected and smell fresh so that while we sleep at night we inhale fresh air. The dust underneath your bed and on your walls can cause sinus problems, allergies, and headaches. It is not healthy to have a dusty bedroom therefore it is important to clean your bedroom at least once a week. While reading this article you will come across helpful tips on how to clean your bedroom.

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What Can Damage Your Floors

Throughout the 10 years that I have been in the cleaning service industry I have come to the conclusion that it is essential to know how to properly take care of all floor surfaces. With experience it became clear that 100% cotton is the best and most effective way to clean hard floor surfaces. It is also the safest way to clean hard floor surfaces. Before beginning on learning how to take care of all floor surfaces I must say that it is best to clean most floors with hot water. It is not a good idea to clean your floor with detergents or any disinfectants. These products may destroy the sealant on the floor. There is no need to disinfect your hard floors; the only floors that contain billions of germs are carpets but when it comes to hard floors you don’t need to worry. DO NOT listen to T.V. commercials … all they want to do is make you feel guilty about germs so that they can sell their products.

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Cleaning Up After the Holiday Season

The holidays are over and it’s the beginning of a new year! Now it’s time to say goodbye to Christmas decorations and clean your home to welcome a new year full of hope and change. After the hectic holidays it seems almost impossible to get back on track but with a little effort and the following tips you’ll see it isn’t impossible at all.

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Cleaning Your Home for The Holidays

We all know that when the holidays arrive we all want our house to be sparkling clean. The holidays are not only about the decorations in your home but also about cleanliness. Decorations will only look their best in a spotless home. The holidays are filled with Christmas shopping, social events, cooking etc, and it seems almost impossible to fit in cleaning on to your to-do lists. The holidays are hectic and with your regular routine along with Christmas shopping there is definitely no time to think about cleaning your house. However, you do have to get to it some time, so here are some tips for making your house sparkle for the holidays and save time.

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