15 Uses for Baking Soda

4 Nontoxic Ways to Clean MoldBaking soda (made from sodium bicarbonate) is most widely known as a fine white powder that’s applied in several processes: cooking, pest control, personal hygiene and much more. But did you know that it’s also a widely used cleaning agent?

Baking soda has become an increasingly popular tool for cleaning even the toughest stains that would otherwise be a headache to remove. Its powerful, yet safe-to-use chemical make-up serves as one of the components that make this compound a must-have in each household. You can use baking soda to:

  1. Clean Dishes. Empower your dish detergent by using baking soda to rinse extremely greasy dishes and pans. You can even use it for stained and smelly plastic food containers that were holding leftovers for quite a while. Apply the baking soda to a clean sponge and start scrubbing, or just remove the tough stains by soaking them in a solution of four tablespoons of baking soda.
  1. Scrub Groceries. Another way baking soda can be used is to clean fruits and vegetables. Just mix baking soda with water to remove dirt and wax on unclean products and you’ll feel better about indulging in your sterile produce.
  1. Make Your Kitchen Sparkle. The kitchen is one of the areas in your house that is the most susceptible to getting dirty quickly. The good news is that you can clean practically any spot with baking soda. From countertops to filthy sinks and cooking utensils, baking soda can even do wonders for deodorizing your fridge by absorbing any foul smell.
  1. Restore House After Playtime. Children love to draw on walls with crayons! But perhaps their artwork is best displayed on their coloring book. So to get your walls back to new, just add some baking soda to water and scrub away! You can even clean dusty stuffed animals by placing them in a bag with baking soda.
  1. Clear the Drain. If your drain is clogged, the best solution for unclogging it is to pour down about half a cup of baking soda and then half a cup of vinegar. Then just cover the area with a wet cloth for about five minutes. Next, you can follow suit by pouring hot water to flush.
  1. Fight Off Nasty Closet Smells. Have you ever noticed a strange smell build up in your linen closet after a while? It doesn’t mean you forgot to do your laundry. Just keep a box of baking soda open in the closet and it will keep unwanted stenches away.
  1. Clean Your Furniture. You can get your patio furniture to look as good as new by mixing some baking soda with water to wipe them down effectively. If you plan on storing them afterwards, just place a box of baking soda under the cushions or in their storage bag, to keep them fresh.
  2. Rinse Your Mouth and Teeth. Replace your toothpaste with a baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution to get your pearly whites even whiter. Or you can just dip your toothbrush with toothpaste into baking soda to get more out of it. You can even create a mouthwash by putting a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water and rinse to neutralize odors—awesome morning breath solution.
  1. Remove Residue from Shower Curtains. If you have a vinyl shower curtain, you know how annoying it is to remove curtain stains. Sprinkling baking soda onto a clean damp sponge or brush will clean and freshen your curtains.
  1. Clean Upholstery and Carpets. White carpets can seem close to impossible to clean and deodorize. Whether yours is white or any other color, you can sprinkle baking soda all over the carpet and let it sit overnight. Then, just sweep what’s left and vacuum the rest to leave your carpet clean.
  1. Disinfect Trashcans. Trashcans must be deodorized on a regular basis and sometimes soap and water just aren’t enough to do the job alone. Keep the stinky smells away by sprinkling some baking soda at the bottom of the trashcan.
  1. Wash Your Hands. In addition to being an effective mouthwash and toothpaste, baking soda can also be a great hand cleanser and lotion. Just create a paste made of three parts baking soda and one part of water, or just add the baking soda to your hand soap.
  1. Sterilize Combs and Brushes. Combs and bushes must remain clean to maintain your hair’s luster. For some extra shine, use a teaspoon of baking soda dipped in warm water and soak in the combs and brushes for a thorough clean.
  1. Polish Silver Items. Do you use silver much? Whether you utilize silver flatware for decorative purposes or for serving food, baking soda mixed with water in a 3:1 proportion will leave your silver super sparkly. Just apply baking soda on a damp sponge, get to the scrubbing, and say goodbye to expensive silver cleaners.
  1. Clean Your Floors. Baking soda can remove everything from dirt to wax and scratch marks on tile floors. Pour about half a cup of baking soda into a bucket of warm water. Then mop and rinse. If mopping isn’t enough to remove scuffmarks, apply baking soda to a clean damp sponge and scrub them off.

Sometimes You Just Need More…

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