10 Things You Should Be Cleaning Everyday

10 things you should be cleaning everydayIt’s easier to keep the house clean if you do some chores every day. While a rotating chart is great for making sure that you clean all areas of the home throughout the month, there are some chores that simply need to be done every day. Here are ten things you should clean every day to keep your home safe from germs and ensure that you don’t fall behind in the housework.

1. Treat the Bathroom Counter

The bathroom is easily the dirtiest room in the house, and it gets dirty the fastest. Even if your family is fastidious, there are still germs lurking here that need to be cleaned. You don’t have to do a deep cleaning of the bathroom on a daily basis, but you should be prepared to wipe off the counter to get rid of hairspray, perfume and bacteria.

2. Clean the Commode

Keep a bottle of bleach in the bathroom. Use it to give the toilet a quick swirl. This will prevent the build-up from becoming too bad and keep the bathroom in acceptable condition until you can scrub it. Keep your bathroom cleaner at all times by putting the toilet lid down when you flush.

3. The Dishes

Don’t go to bed with dirty dishes. They attract bugs, and the smell won’t be very pleasant in the morning.

4. The Kitchen Sink

Clutter is contagious, but so is a clean area. When you wash the dishes, don’t settle for simply emptying the sink. Take just a moment to wipe it down, rinse out the stains and dry it to a nice shine. The kitchen will automatically look better, and that cleanliness will start spreading to the counters.

5. The Stove Top

If you cooked on the stove top, it probably needs to be cleaned. In addition to the stove top, check the drip pans. Cleaning these fixtures daily prolongs their life and keeps the kitchen looking sharp.

6. The Counters, Also

Speaking of the sink, the counters in your home must be cleaned just as frequently. The kitchen is the center of activity, and your family probably has a habit of dropping things in the kitchen. Make it a point to clean off the counters nightly.

7. What’s Your Trouble Spot?

Every home has a trouble spot. This is one area where things are just dropped and forgotten, like an entry table or a desk. Clean this daily to prevent the deposited items from turning into a leaning tower of clutter.

8. Minimum: One Load of Laundry

Unless you live alone, you probably need to do a load of laundry every day. If you have a large family, you may want to plan on running two or three loads a day to ensure that your loved ones always have clean T-shirts.

9. Fix the Throw Pillows

Plush pillows make a house more welcoming, but they tend to get tossed around. Take a moment to put them in place and fold any throw blankets to get the living room clean.

10. Quick Check for Personal Items

Before you go to bed, go through the home and do a quick check for personal items that are out of place. This includes the sweater that your son took off and left in the foyer, the doll that your daughter left in the office and your own keys that were dropped on the table. Put the items away to keep the house tidy.

Keeping up with the housework can seem overwhelming, but it really only takes a few minutes once you get in the habit. As you embrace these daily tasks, your home will be cleaner and more welcoming. However, it’s understandable if you lack the desire or energy to tidy the bathroom and scrub the kitchen every day. That’s why 1st Class Cleaning offers customized cleaning plans based on your schedule, needs and budget. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and let us take care of the housework for you.

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