House Cleaning In NYC

Choosing an expert house cleaning company in New York City involves checking into the company history, reading the customer feedback information and contacting a firm to see if their services match your exact needs. Whether you live in a stand-alone dwelling, brownstone or condominium, your home will be cleaned in an efficient manner by professionals using eco-friendly products, on time and on schedule, if you select from one of the many reputable maid services operating in the metro area.

Let Them Know Your Needs

Most of the house cleaning services in the area have a large staff of field operators that are constantly working new clients into their schedule and are already servicing various types and sizes of home dwellings. If you are interested in an arrangement that involves mainly vacuuming, dusting and window washing, this can usually be accomplished on a weekly basis and takes less than one hour. If there are special details that need be attended, such as carpet stains, major cleaning of a bathroom or work done on the walls, ceilings or heat ducts, this needs to be specified before the first visit and all subsequent trips made by the cleaning service. In terms of price, 1st Class Cleaning NYC charges by the hour on the initial visit but may institute a low flat fee for all cleanings thereafter.

Find Out What Products They Use

1st Class Cleaning NYC uses environmentally friendly surfactants, powders and soaps. These clean the home extremely well and do not leave residues that can be unhealthy for you and your family. Much scientific evidence has shown that improper cleaning products can actually lead to long-term illness and even cancer in some individuals, have unpleasant effects of children and pets with allergies and in many cases the residue actually alters the surface on which it was used. Biodegradable cleaners are safe for the environment because when flushed they put little or no strain on the water treatment system.

Prepare The Home In Advance

If the cleaning service involves moving furniture or creating access in the smaller rooms of the home, do your best to have the residence prepared so the service personnel will not have to perform this part of the operation. Although we are licensed to move items such as appliances and furniture, there is no better way to establish a good relationship with a home cleaning company than to have things ready when they arrive, especially if you are not at home when the service is performed.

Safety And Security

1st Class Cleaning NYC cleaning services check the background of our field personnel and our cleaners are bonded. 1st Class Cleaning NYC has extensive insurance coverage and can make available to you the paperwork describing our responsibilities during a cleaning process, what we are liable for and what training has been completed by our workers.

Many people are simply too busy to clean their own homes regularly; it is a sign of the times. 1st Class Cleaning NYC exist to solve this problem with expert personnel trained to clean your home quickly using the latest in green product technology and leaving no footprint of our own when the job is completed. Contact us today!

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