Help With Pet Hair in Your Home

Owning a pet can be a wonderful experience in many ways, but one of the downsides can be having a home filled with pet dander or hair. Many people are allergic to fur, or have allergies that the pet dander can aggravate. Your pet can’t help it, they shed, and it’s your job as their owner to remove the pet hair from your home. Here is a handy guide to what you will need to combat pet dander in your home. These methods are quick and inexpensive and can be implemented by any pet owner!

Step One

Learn how to use a vacuum! You need to vacuum your house weekly. If you do not, dander or hair may sink into carpets or furniture and become impacted. Then it becomes much more difficult to remove the dander completely. You need to focus mostly on your carpets. You can use a lint roller in highly trafficked places to remove hair even more completely. Then, you can use ordinary dryer sheets on your furniture. By rubbing your furniture with the dryer sheets you cannot only repel hair from sticking to the furniture, but can also leave your furniture smelling fresh. No pet odor here!

Step Two

Filters are your friend! They can help trap dust, dirt and pet hair that wander around the air in your apartment. If you change your air filter once a month or so, you will only be out about 2 bucks a month, but the air in your apartment will be free of dander. Your equipment will be functioning at a high level when clean, and the airborne particles will not be circulating their way around your home. You can also vacuum vents around your house to remove hair that could be stuck to the outside of the vents.

Step Three

Wash those linens! By washing all of your sheets, pillows, and blankets regularly you can not only remove the dander that may accumulate (especially if your pet sleeps in your bed,) but you can keep a parasite problem at bay. Fleas and bedbugs will not survive weekly washing; that is for sure! Make sure to use a strong detergent and drier sheets to even more fully remove the pet hair from your linens. Make sure to empty your dryer lint traps. More pet hair in your laundry will mean that the washer and drier will be working overtime. Keep up the maintenance for the washer and drier, and they will be an important tool in helping keep pet hair at bay in your home.

Step Four

Brush those pets! You should groom your pets as often as possible. You will remove any loose hair hanging around on your puppy or kitten, which will lead to less hair being left around your house. Use a good brush and groom them 2-3 times a week for best results. You can also wipe your pet down with some pet wipes to remove any other hair that may be clinging to them.

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