How to Clean a Manhattan Office

Cleaning an office in Manhattan comes with its own set of challenges in addition to the ones present anywhere for quality cleaning. New York is the hub of the modern world, and its offices a very prominent part of that. Such a big percentage of the city’s citizens work at an office, the condition of cleanliness in the workplace is a vital concern for the health and well-being of a huge chunk of the population.

Bamboo flooring takes a little different work than regular hardwoods. First, bamboo flooring is a bit softer than hardwood flooring. This means that bamboo flooring has the ability to scuff more easily, and care should be taken when sanding the bamboo. Still bamboo flooring is very stable and versatile, and works well in any place you would put a hardwood floor. The general care of bamboo is essentially the same as it is for any other hardwood flooring.

Pollution is a concern anywhere you work in a big city. It takes its toll on offices too, as the indoor air has to be filtered to be clean and healthy enough to breathe all day. Therefore, changing of the air conditioner system filters is a maintenance must. The type of vacuum cleaner system used can also affect the quality of air. Thoroughly cleaning of the micro germs, pollution particles, and dust mites that are present in an office will rid your work place of these major causes of “sick building syndrome.” Floors should be cleaned with germ killing solutions, preferably eco-friendly and without added perfumes or dyes that could be potential allergens themselves.

Carpets are a major item in Manhattan on which to focus quality cleaning. Often, the carpets are very high quality, and need to be treated with the utmost care when cleaned, as well as being cleaned and able to be walked on as soon as possible. A carpet that has had a top-notch cleaning will usually look like brand new. This goes for hard floors as well. The floor must be stripped of any old treatment and brought back to its highest potential for shine and luster. This is a benefit of great importance, for the floor treatment is often the first thing a client will notice when judging the feel and quality of the company. Therefore, keeping your carpets and your floors, as well as your entire office, as clean as possible can protect your company’s image and attract the high level and quantity of clients that you want. If needed, your hardwood or bamboo flooring can be lightly sanded and a new polyurethane coating can be placed upon it. This is when it has a really bad stain or scuffing that cannot be cleaned or repaired by regular methods. You should use a solvent based urethane instead of a water based one for the best results and apply with a wool pad.

The Big Apple starts trends, styles, and is often the first to face challenges that will soon follow to the smaller towns and cities of the world. It is a good thing we have innovative communication technology, so people can talk about challenges and share the ways they have found to deal with these, working together like a team of city dwellers, as it were. For instance, if you want to more easily take out the trash when you live up a large flight of stairs, you can ask others who had the same problem what some of their solutions were. Sometimes a better solution is simpler than you think, and can be passed on from others, just like the neighborly advice of the old days was passed by word of mouth from neighbor to neighbor. Nowadays, finding cleaning advice from your neighbor can be as easy as popping the key words of a dilemma onto Google, and in an instant, a plethora of neighborly advice will be in your face, among ads and other nonsense, but there, nevertheless. Whatever type of floor you have, either hardwood or bamboo, taking the best care of your flooring will make it last for many years and allow it to keeps its shine and beauty. Take good care of your bamboo and hardwood floors for the best looking home.

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