Taking Care of Your Furniture

Care and Cleaning of Antique Wood Furniture
Antique wood furniture can easily begin showing cracks if it is exposed to humidity and high temperature. This may also cause losing joints and veneer. Always make sure glass beverages, vases of flowers, etc. are set on surface with a coaster or some kind of mat protection. Coasters are needed so that they won’t leave stains on your furniture.

The best way to clean your antique furniture is to dust or vacuum with a soft cloth. Every two weeks it’s good to use a barely dampened cloth with some type of solvent based cleaning wax to wipe and this will pick up more dust, then immediately wipe with a dry cloth. It will dry off the wax leaving your furniture with a beautiful shine. Remember to only use this method every two weeks … more often may damage your antique furniture. I don’t recommend you use spray waxes and polishes on you furniture surfaces because they will leave behind a higher gloss and silicone that will make it very difficult for future refinishing.

It is also good to wax your furniture occasionally with paste wax. With a soft cloth, rub on a very light coat with the grain of the wood and buff at once with the soft cloth. In a circular hand motion, buff until the wax coating is completely hard. The key to this process is that the wax is buffed completely to avoid any smears or streaks. Paste wax helps great if you are looking to cover cracks on your antique furniture. Another good thing about paste wax is that if you don’t like how it turned out, you’re able remove it with solvent whenever you wish.

Reminder: Antiques should always be treated according to the type of finish, if they have been refinished. This is important to remember because old finishes can be affected by cleaning treatments.

Pianos also need to be properly taken care of and cleaned because they tend to catch a lot of dust. When it comes to pianos you also need to avoid extremes in humidity … dryness or dampness; it may result in damaging your piano. Changes in temperature may affect the wood and tone of your piano. Do not place your piano near a radiator, register, or window to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

When cleaning the wood on your piano always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. The lacquer on the wood should only be dusted with a soft untreated cloth or paper towel; sometimes you could also dust with a vacuum cleaner brush. The keyboard can be vacuumed. The wood on your piano doesn’t need to be waxed. If you wish to wax your piano make sure you use as little wax or polish as possible because you don’t want your wood to have smears or streaks. When it comes to keys on your piano there is very little you can do because old ivory keys yellow with age. It is natural for this to happen and you can’t change it; the only thing you can do is clean them with barely moistened cloth with denatured alcohol. DO NOT use too much because it will loosen the keys on your keyboard. When you’re done wipe keys with a dry cloth and remember to follow manufacturer’s instructions to clean your piano.

Alcohol Stains
Usually alcohol stains are caused by medicine stains and spilled drinks, perfumes, and lotions. When you have an alcohol stain you must react immediately. Alcohol dissolves many finishes causing a stain that may never be removed so you need to act quickly to remove it. The first thing you do when you have a spill is wipe the spill quickly and with your palm or a cloth rub the spot vigorously and dip in a small amount of furniture polish. The stain will disappear if you react quickly.

To remove older stains use a paste of rottenstone, cigarette ashes mixed with mineral oil, or baking soda, lemon oil, or linseed oil. Rub on very lightly in the direction of the grain. Then when you’re done, wipe with plain linseed oil and rub briskly with the grain of the wood. For this process use a soft cloth and make sure you wipe frequently and compare the repaired area with the original finish. By doing this you can see if you were successful in removing the stain.

Furniture is expensive and it’s what makes your home look beautiful so it is important to know how to take care and clean your furniture.

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