Manhattan Maid Service

Living in Manhattan doesn’t leave you wanting for any kind of service, including maid services. Finding a Manhattan maid service is as easy as opening the yellow pages to the “M” section. But that method won’t help you understand anything about the business, or be assured that you’re going to get good service.

When most people go to hire someone like a maid that’s going to come into your home or business they ask their friends if they know someone who’s good. However, if you’re new to Manhattan, or don’t know anyone who uses a maid service, you’re back to the phone book. Or are you? The internet can be a very valuable tool when trying to find a Manhattan maid service. All the information you could possibly want is right there, you just have to find it.

First narrow your choices down to residential or commercial. A residential maid service will come to your home and clean just about anything you put them in front of. Most services will do top to bottom cleanings, or just windows. They can come annually, on a one-time basis like after a party, or weekly to keep your home sparkling all the time. Commercial maid services have many of the same principles – i.e. they will come whenever you need them, during or after business hours and will clean however much or little you need cleaned. However, these principles apply to an office or business setting.

Next, look into all their policies on safety. For example:

  • Are they licensed and insured? Stay away from maid services that aren’t to protect yourself from any potential liabilities if one of their workers is hurt in your home.
  • How do they select their employees? Do they do a background check? How can you be assured the strangers in your home are trustworthy?
  • What happens if something goes missing or is broken during a cleaning? How would the company handle a situation like that?
  • If they come when you are not there, who has access to your security information?

A company like 1st Class Cleaning is licensed and insured to protect their employees as well as their clients. They also conduct thorough background checks on all employees to make sure their clients come into contact with the most upstanding people in the business.

Then check online forums to see what people are saying about them. Read recent reviews of their company to get a good idea of how the company is run, and who is working there now. Has the company addressed any negative comments, and if so were they resolved? Even searching social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can help you see if anyone has had a particularly rough time with the company you’re considering.

A company like 1st Class Cleaning has a long standing reputation of providing excellent work. They use only the highest quality environmentally safe cleaners, which means they’re always safe for your family and pets. They also have an unconditional satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’re in any way unhappy with their services they will come back and clean your home or business again for free, no questions asked.

To learn more about hiring a Manhattan maid service, or to schedule an appointment with 1st Class Cleaning, visit

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