High Rise Window Cleaning Services

When it comes to maintaining the windows in your business office, there are two important considerations. These considerations are the insides of the windows and the outsides of the windows, ledges, and sills. Cleaning the inside areas of your windows is generally an easy task, and it can be completed by nearly any cleaning service provider. Cleaning the outside of your windows is really only possible when you’re not in a high rise building. Unfortunately, if your office is located in a tall building, or a high rise of any type, then cleaning the outside windows is going to be a little bit of a challenge unless you hire the right professionals to tackle the task.

Cleaning the outside of windows on a high rise building is a task that is going to require professional help. It would be wise at this point not to hire a traditional cleaning services company, but rather to choose a professional company that specializes in cleaning windows that are pretty far up off the ground. These professional cleaning companies will come equipped with the right tools, materials, safety gear and know how in order to make sure that the job gets done right the first time, without putting anyone at risk in the process.

  • All windows that are washed by a professional high rise window cleaning service should be completely clean and free of any smears, streaks or visible residue from soap.
  • The contractors should be able to furnish all of their own supplies and equipment that are needed in order to carry out the specified services for no additional cost.
  • Some cleaning companies that do windows will do both the inside windows and the outside windows for you.
  • If items have to be moved away so that the cleaning company can get to the interior windows, then the items should be returned back to their normal places. All drippings from water and cleaning solution will be removed thoroughly so that offices and other places of business are left how they were found, albeit with cleaner windows.
  • Make sure that you write out a contract with your professional window cleaning company that lets them know that they are liable for all damage to the building, windows, furniture, equipment or other items. If damage is sustained, office managers or other superintendents should be notified immediately.
  • When you draw up a contract with the professional window cleaning service, make sure that the company knows in no uncertain terms how often they are going to be expected to return to repeat the work. Setting up a contract is a great way to make sure that all expectations are known and to make sure that the job gets done the right way the first time.

This is just a brief primer on what professional high rise window cleaning is all about. When you find the right service company for your needs you will be able to better come to understand the services that can be offered to you.

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  1. Tito Verano
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    How can a person thats interested in getting a hi rise window cleaning job go about it ?

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