Cleaning and Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

Having disorganized kitchen cabinets can put a strain on your day to day life. It’s hard to find all of your utensils without an organizational system. While organizing doesn’t come easily for everyone, with a few tips and tricks, anyone can have the clean and organized kitchen of their dreams! There a few simple steps you can take to clean and reorganize your kitchen cabinets.

Things you will need

– Contact paper
– Silverware Organizer
– Pantry
– Wall shelf

Step One

Take all of the dishes, cups, Tupperware and silverware out of your cabinets and kitchen shelves and divvy them up into these particular groups

Coffee mugs
Large plates
Small Plates
Large bowls
Casserole dishes
Pots and Pans
Grocery Items

Step Two

Wipe down all of your kitchen cabinets, shelves and counter tops. Then, using contact paper, cover the insides of the cabinets and drawers. This will make the drawers easier to clean, and will make them look more attractive.

Step Three

Find the shelf nearest to your stove or oven, and put all of your spices in a spice rack. Having a clear, organized method for storing spices, allows you to reach and find them easily while cooking. Make sure everything is in a Tupperware or glass container and has a label.

Step Four

Now it is time to rearrange your dishes. Starting on the bottom right side of your cabinet, stack the large plates first and then stack the small plates or saucers. On the shelf above the plates, set all of your bowls.

Step Five

You will need a separate storage cabinet for storage containers. Many people have mountains of Tupperware. Don’t fret. It’s best to find a separate cabinet just for the storage containers to live. You can arrange them by size and keep the lids separate so that stacking your containers is much easier.

Step Six

In another cabinet, put all of your breakable drink ware with the tops pointed down. This will help dry cups faster. You can put the glass and ceramic glasses or mugs on the bottom and all of the plastic drink ware on the higher shelves.

Step Seven

On a separate wall, install hooks to hang your mugs. You can buy wall shelves with hooks that run along the bottom. Not only will you have a convenient way to hang all of your coffee mugs, but you will also have additional storage space to further organize your kitchen.

Step Eight

Get rid of what you are not using. Too many people these days hold on to old relics, or outdated dishes or trinkets they no longer use. Try to analyze each item and decide whether or not you use it enough to justify it taking up space in your kitchen. If not, you can donate it to a family that really needs dishware!

Step Nine

Organize the silverware in your drawer into categories. Make sure to purchase a plastic divider system that has enough slots for your varying types of silverware.

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