Window Cleaning Tips

Cleaning windows can seem like an impossible task. Windows are your protection against the elements and because of this, are often filled with the dirt, grime and other particles that are floating outside your home. But don’t fret. You can have great, spotless and streak-free windows by taking a couple of simple steps.

  • Get some good supplies. The windows you see that look beautiful at the office are because a professional is using the right tools and equipment. Invest in a squeegee or other tool with a mop-like handle. This soft surface can give your windows just the right amount of water to get them clean. Lines and imperfections in the cleaning job are normally a result of too much water that is left running down the window.
  • Clean the screens first. Often there is debris that collects on screens that can just leave your clean windows looking dirty. Use a dust rag or something with feathers to clean the screens before you start on the windows. Be sure to remove cobwebs and debris. If you can, spraying screens down with a garden hose may also help. Be sure to allow the screens to dry completely before returning them to the windows.
  • Use warm water. Warm water will do a better job of getting your windows clean. You can use any type of detergent or cleaner, just dilute in warm water.
  • Develop some good technique. Experts recommend making an S-shape along the window from the top to the bottom. Another option is straight up and down. If you use this method, be sure to remove any excess water from your squeegee so you don’t leave lines. Again, lines are the main complaint of those who try to clean windows and don’t get the results they want.
  • Don’t leave out the window frames when you are cleaning the windows. Dirt and dust can accumulate in these areas, leaving windows dirty almost immediately. Use a cloth, add some water and detergent to get into the cracks and crevices of the windows. Be sure to dry these areas completely and to clean them before you clean the windows as to ensure excess water does not dirty a clean window.
  • Try using alcohol. A bit of Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with warm water can help to get windows even cleaner. Be sure to mix the alcohol and the water well before starting to clean.
  • Be careful in cold weather to not use water that is too hot or you may crack your windows.
  • Clean windows up to four times a year. It is a great thing to do with every change of the seasons. By cleaning windows regularly, it will make the job easier the next time.
  • Windows are the way you view the outside world. Be sure to invest the time and effort in having the right equipment and doing it the right way. You won’t regret it when you look outside and everything looks brighter!

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