Tips for Bedroom Cleaning

Let’s start off with being completely honest and admitting that our bedrooms receive the least amount of attention from us. Many of us ignore the fact that its one of the most important rooms in a home. Even though all you do is sleep in a bedroom the air and room must be clean so that you don’t inhale dust or any other germs while you are sleeping.. It is extremely important for a bedroom to be disinfected and smell fresh so that while we sleep at night we inhale fresh air. The dust underneath your bed and on your walls can cause sinus problems, allergies, and headaches. It is not healthy to have a dusty bedroom therefore it is important to clean your bedroom at least once a week. While reading this article you will come across helpful tips on how to clean your bedroom.

The best way to begin to clean your bedroom and still have time to clean your home is to create a schedule. By doing this you will have a routine and it will be easier for you to maintain your bedroom and home clean.

Hang it or fold it!
I understand that sometimes you may arrive to your bedroom tired from having a long day at work and that the last thing you want to do is hang your clothes or fold it away. However, you should try to do your best in putting away your clothes the same day you it take off so that your clothes aren’t on your floor and doesn’t accumulate to the point where you can’t even see your bedroom floor! When you get up in the morning and get dressed to go to work place the hanger on your door knob so that it is easier for you to hang your clothes when you arrive to your home.

Bring it with you.
When you take your mail, magazines, drinking glasses etc. to your bedroom make sure that before you go to sleep you place them next to your door. By doing this you’ll be reminded in the morning as you walk out of your bedroom to take these items with you and put them away where they belong.

Trash in bag!
It is always a great idea to have a small nice looking waste basket in your bedroom. What often happens too many of us is that we’re to lazy to bring the waste from our rooms outside so we leave in our bedrooms. If we place a small waste basket in our bedrooms all you have to do is remove the bag twice a week. Also make sure you keep spare bags at the bottom of your waste basket this will make your life much easier and simpler for your bedroom cleaning routine.

Dust Bunnies NOT ALLOWED!
Having dust bunnies underneath your bed or in hidden corners is unacceptable. The best way to get rid of them is by deep cleaning your bedroom every two to three months. You must deep clean your room every now and then because dust attracts dust mites and you must not let dust mites enter your home. The best way to begin deep cleaning your bedroom is to remove everything from your closet floor. Vacuum all corners to get the dust out and with a barely damp cloth dust baseboards. Make sure that there isn’t any dust lying around in your closet. When you are finished vacuuming the floor replace everything that was on your closet floor. Then move furniture and dust the back of you bed frame. Vacuum underneath your bed and any other corners. Don’t forget to vacuum both sides of your mattress because its dust mites favorite place to hide. Empty pillow cases and change bed sheets so that your mattress will be clean and fresh.

Cleaning Wood Furniture.
To clean your wood furniture it is best that you use “Wood for good Wipes” from method products that specialize in green cleaning. They leave your wood furniture looking brand new and helps protect it from cracks.

Put away your jewels.
Often in bedrooms you see jewelry lying on dressers and even night stands. In order for your room to look organized and for you to not to loose your jewelry you should have a container or box to put away your jewelry. Also put small jewelry items away first and then the larger ones this will make it easier to put them away.

Your Bedroom is an important place where you get your beauty sleep and relax that is why we should take good care of this room and always make sure that it is organized and clean. Once you have your bedroom looking spotless everything else will fall into place and you will find it much easier to clean the rest of the rooms in your home. All it takes is a little bit of energy and wanting to make your bedroom and home look marvelous. Go now and begin to make these tips useful by giving your bedroom an incredible make over!

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