Secrets to Great Smelling Laundry

Your clothes say a lot about you. The greatest way to stay looking stylish is to take good care of your clothing so you always look your best in whatever you wear. The same goes for the linens you use in your home and your towels and pillows, too. These items are used daily and you want them to be as clean and fresh every time you wash them as when you first purchased them. You want to make sure your laundry is not only clean, but also clean-smelling. To do this, there are several steps you need to take.

The first step is making sure your clothes and linens are truly clean. Clean clothes are the first and best step toward great smelling laundry and fresh, clean clothing. Be sure that your clothing and linens are free from all excess debris. Any dust or hidden pens or crayons can cause a disaster in the washer or dryer. Once your clothing is sorted and placed in the washer, make sure you add the correct amount of detergent to your washing machine. Some particularly dirty loads of laundry may need the extra boost of borax or another laundry-boosting product such as an oxygenated cleaner like Oxyclean. Using these products may increase the cleanliness of your wash, particularly if you have some clothing or linens that need some extra care.

Some people swear by certain perfumed laundry detergents for a clean-smelling load of laundry. For some, this may be the best solution to making their laundry smell good. For others, the smell of some perfumed cleaners may be too strong, or may not be pleasant to everyone. There are other alternatives to add a clean, fresh smell to your laundry. For example, using a fabric softener with a pleasant smell can make your laundry smell fresh and clean. Add your fabric softener to your laundry as directed by your washing machine.

The final way to get your laundry smelling clean and fresh is to use dryer sheets while drying your laundry. Many dryer sheets come in different scents and using a dryer sheet will transfer those scents to your clothing and linens for a clean and fresh smell that will last a long time. Some dryer sheets have scents that last longer than others, so it’s best to try out different ones to find the scent that most appeals to you. Overall, a clean load of laundry and use of fabric products will help your laundry stay clean and fresh until its next wash.

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