Saving Energy with Laundry and Tips to Clean Machine

Anyone who has a laundry room at home knows that it is maximum energy consumer. Even though you are able to do laundry in your own home you try to keep laundry to the minimum because you’re afraid of wasting energy. There many easy ways to save energy with laundry. Here are tips on how to save energy with laundry and keeping your laundry room clean.

Save Energy with Laundry:

  1. When washing your clothes you should lower the temperature settings. Instead of using hot water use warm or cold water (greasy stains are an exception). In order for you to use cooler water you should experiment with laundry detergents to see which one works best with cooler water. A cooler wash temperature will be fine when presoaking heavily soiled clothes. Set the washing machine on cold water rinse the temperature of the rinse water does not affect cleaning.
  2. The thermostat on your water heater has to be turned down. For your home needs a setting of 120F is sufficient. You will save energy with either warm or hot wash cycles by turning down your thermostat.
  3. Put as many items possible in the washing machine to its capacity. Many people under load instead of overloading their washing machines. Always check your machines load capacity and then take out a few loads to measure it up. Judge the volume of clothes in a load with your eye. It takes less energy to wash one large load than two on a low or medium setting.
  4. Use the suds- saving feature if it is available on your washing machine when washing lightly soiled clothes. By doing this you save water for the next load to be washed.
  5. Separate your clothes when drying and dry similar clothes together. For example, lightweight clothing dries faster than fiber clothes or bath towels.
  6. Another helpful tip to save energy is to not over dry clothes. Also reduce the need for ironing and another energy waster by taking clothes out while they are still slightly damp. It would be even better if your machine had a auto-dry button, if you do use it instead of the timer and you will be saving more energy.
  7. Do not make the mistake of adding wet items to a load that is already dry.
  8. Take advantage of the heat still in the dyer from the first load, dry two or more loads in a row.
  9. A clogged filter will restrict flow and reduce the performance of your dryer. It is best that you clean the dryer filter.
  10. Drying small loads is a waste of energy. Dry full loads, but be cautious not to overfill your dryer. Even when drying full loads air should still be able to circulate freely around the drying clothes.
  11. Make sure that the dryer exhaust vent outside is clean and that the outside hood opens and closes freely.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

  1. Begin by cleaning the exterior of your washing machine. A cleaning cloth with an all purpose cleaner or soap dish soap is the best cleaning method. Then smoothly with the cleaning cloth wipe the exterior of the washing machine all around.
  2. In the process of washing your clothes there is always a time where you spill detergent inside the machine. To clean those detergent spills use the same cloth you cleaned the outside of the machine clean the inside. Make sure you retrieve solid residue left from what was washed and after wiping down with a cloth rinse with water from the machine. Your washing machine will smell and look clean in the inside.
  3. No one wants a smelly machine to prevent this from happening when a load is removed leave the lid open on the washing machine in order to allow it dry out. If you close the lid and there is water inside unpleasant smells develop. If your washing machine already has smells try washing an empty load with vinegar soda and a mixture of baking soda.
  4. Water softeners added to your laundry detergent may be a solution for lime scale buildup.

Stop worrying about wasting energy with laundry, these tips will help you save energy and have a clean laundry room. Remember that washing machines and dyers should be cleaned as well if you want your clothes to out clean and smell fresh.

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