Kitchen Cleaning Service NYC

A frequently used kitchen needs constant cleaning to insure those who live or work in the area are protected against germs, bacteria and viruses that can cause sickness and disease. Whether it be a commercial kitchen in a restaurant, hospital or community center, or the family kitchen at home, 1st Class Cleaning NYC can keep this room sanitary, shiny clean and in perfect working order.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance
Large industrial kitchens in NYC are in constant use, with enormous amounts of food being prepared by the cook staff. Every drip and drop, every spilled substance and every residue on the countertops means a breeding ground for bacteria. These kitchens must be kept sanitized in order for commercial operations to continue as the premises must meet the enforced health codes. An expert commercial cleaning service deploys knowledgeable field staff that can quickly turn a dirty kitchen into one that looks brand new, and this maintenance can be scheduled for any time of the day or night.

1st Class Cleaning NYC personnel know exactly what to look for in terms of dirt buildup, grease deposits on the surfaces and ventilation hoods, behind appliances and around refrigerator seals. Armed with the latest in green technology cleaning products, 1st Class Cleaning will thoroughly clean an industrial kitchen while keeping their products away from foods, utensils and sensitive areas like gas burners, electric heat elements and wiring.

Home Kitchen Sanitation
Most airborne and food borne illnesses are contracted by individuals after the germs have bred in areas where there is organic buildup. The kitchen may fall behind schedule in terms of maintenance when the family is too busy, the adults work outside the home, or there is an unusual amount of use in the kitchen itself, such as a large house party with lots of cooking to be performed. 1st Class Cleaning NYC has field operatives that specialize in the cleaning of kitchens, removing grime, grease and soot from the appliances, making sure the entire range and stovetop is free from food buildup, leaving the oven shiny clean and removing the accumulated dust from the cabinets, hood and hard to reach areas.

These house cleaners can be hired to perform a one-time operation or can be used on a weekly or monthly basis. They arrive with the proper equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning products that will not affect individuals or pets who have certain allergies. It is imperative to use a company that avoids the use of toxic chemical cleaners as these can have a negative effect on both humans and their pets when dangerous residues are left behind. An eco-friendly cleaning service uses organic chemicals that will not harm the water system and are easily broken down when the waste is sent via the sewer system to the water treatment facility.

Using the services of a professional kitchen cleaning service is not only quite affordable, it is the best way to insure that the health of the individuals nearby is not affected by germs or bacterial growth. A healthy kitchen is a happy kitchen and a more enjoyable place to prepare foods, either for the family or for restaurant diners, when the premises is maintained by the expert staff at 1st Class Cleaning NYC. Contact us at and enjoy a clean kitchen today!

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