Cleaning Your AC Filter

For a long-lasting and efficient air conditioning unit, you must learn how to clean your own AC filter. Before you can learn how to clean the filter, though, you must understand how your air conditioning system works. Your air conditioning unit works by having fresh air circulated through evaporator and condenser coils. It is important that the air that comes in contact with these coils is not filled with dust or particles so that the coils continue to work unclogged.

The filters used for your air conditioning unit are more often placed along the return duct, or where the air enters your air conditioner. Cleaning this area is the first way to keep your air conditioner clean and free from dust, and also helps clean the air that comes from your air conditioner as well. Not keeping this area clean can lead to a significant decrease in performance from your air conditioner, and could cause major problems that may need professional maintenance. Keeping your AC filter clean is one of the best ways to protect one of your home’s more expensive appliances.

To keep your window unit from getting clogged, the easiest method is to create your own mesh filter to keep particles and insects out of your unit. If your window unit already has a mesh screen, cleaning is a breeze. Take the filter out and scrub the intake area underneath it to get rid of any dust, dirt or grime. Then take the filter and wash it thoroughly. Use a cloth or rag to scrub this area and wash with soapy water. Your cloth or rag should be lint-free to reduce the amount of dust and particles trapped in your air conditioning unit. Make sure to dry the filter before putting it back on your window unit to keep the air conditioning’s intake from getting wet.

Cleaning the filter of a larger air conditioning unit can be more difficult than a window unit. Keeping your air conditioning unit clean is vital to lasting a long time and keeping costs low, so it’s important to learn how to keep your air condition filter clean. Larger air conditioning units tend to have larger and more numerous filters that can attract a lot of different debris. The obstructions caught in these filters would be regular dirt and dust, or animal hair or fur, leaves and insects as well. These obstructions can make the performance of your air conditioning unit decrease, so it’s important to clean your unit and its filters regularly to keep this debris from accumulating. Not cleaning your air conditioner’s filter can also lead to allowing bacteria to come into your home through the air, which can be harmful to your health.

Changing your air conditioner’s filter is important to keeping your home healthy and keeping the air conditioner clean. Doing this should be done every month to every three months for the best in air quality. You can also clean your air conditioner’s filters at home with a lot of elbow grease. Use high pressure washes to get your filter as clean as possible and scrub and sweep until all of the debris is washed away. Doing this regularly can guarantee a better working air conditioning unit and cleaner, healthier air for your home and family.

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