Cleaning Up After the Holiday Season

The holidays are over and it’s the beginning of a new year! Now it’s time to say goodbye to Christmas decorations and clean your home to welcome a new year full of hope and change. After the hectic holidays it seems almost impossible to get back on track but with a little effort and the following tips you’ll see it isn’t impossible at all.

Disassemble Decorations
We all enjoy putting up Christmas decorations for the holidays but hate taking them down and this is what should be done first when starting your post holiday cleaning. The first step for post holiday cleaning is to disassemble holiday decorations and store them carefully for another twelve months. After this is done you will feel a relief and motivated into cleaning your home.

  • If you have any lights outside you should start by removing them carefully without tangling the strings. To make your life easier and if you are planning on using the same lights next year, wrap each individual strand around a piece of cardboard and I reassure you it will be much easier to unravel.
  • For those who prefer to avoid wrapping each ornament with newspaper you can make your life simpler by storing them in a box filled with shredded newspaper. Another option would be to buy a storage container for ornaments of post holiday sales. It all depends on what way you prefer to store your ornaments.
  • What do we do with leftover wrapping paper? If you have leftover wrapping paper it doesn’t have to be thrown away! Find a plastic tubs around your house and place your leftover wrapping paper in it. Store your tubs in a place where they won’t be seen or bother you the basement would a good storage place. It may come in handy for next year and help you save a few dollars by not having to buy wrapping paper.
  • Leftover gift boxes and bags can also come in handy for next year instead of throwing them away break them down and place them underneath your mattress. By doing this you will have replacement boxes on hand incase the stores run out before you’re finished with your Christmas shopping.
  • You probably have holiday accent pieces around the house; if you do you should go from room to room removing them. A few of these pieces would be holiday pot holders and decorative bath towels. Store these items together in a box or container and label it so that you won’t have a problem finding them next year.

Cleaning up after Guests
Many have family members or friends visit for the holidays and you must cleanup the guest room after they leave so that it’s ready for the next visitor.

  • Begin by changing the bed sheets and refreshing the mattress with Febreze.
  • Have clean blankets and towels ready.
  • Vacuum and dust the room. Also give the windows a shine with a multi-surface spray that is streak-free such as Windex.

Change it up
Keep in mind that it’s a new year which means that it’s the perfect time to change the furniture in your house. What a better way to start off the year than with new rearrangements.

  • Play around with your furniture a little.
  • The easiest room where you could rearrange furniture is your living room. Place the rugs in different areas.
  • Move the sofa or couch around until to you find the right spot.
  • Have fun with it, pretend that you’re an interior designer.
  • While you’re moving furniture around it is the best way to clean places you haven’t cleaned in a long time.
  • Grab the vacuum and clean where the sofa was before and you will probably find post holiday debris that was hidden as a result of being covered by the furniture.
  • After vacuuming all the hidden places perform a normal cleaning routine.

You cooked now clean
Time to clean where all the cooking took place, during the holidays the kitchen is the most important and busiest room in a house. Therefore, it is also the room left with a bigger mess that is why we must give this room a deep cleaning.

  • Start with the refrigerator by throwing away all the leftover food.
  • Wash any dishes left in the sink and store as usual.
  • Clean the top and inside of your stove. If you don’t clean it as soon as possible it will be harder to take the grease off.
  • Wash any table cloths or cloth napkins.
  • Sweep your kitchen floor very well so that it will be easier to mop after you’re done. Use Lysol to mop your kitchen floor that way your floor will look and smell clean.

Cleaning up after the holidays isn’t easy but in order to get back on track and start off fresh this New Year we must. I guarantee you that if you follow these tips your house will be clean in no time and ready to welcome the year 2009!

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