Restaurant Cleaning Services in Rockaway Park NY

Restaurants must maintain the highest standards of cleanliness. When it comes to your Rockaway Park, NY, dining room, you cannot settle for a quick dusting and floor mopping. Every inch must be sparkling clean to keep insects away, appease the health inspector and ensure that your guests have a fantastic experience.

Daily Assignments
You can assign some basic cleaning chores to your regular staff. This includes sweeping the carpets after patron leave, wiping down chairs and dusting their area. Keeping up with the daily cleaning will help keep the restaurant clean, but you need a cleaning service to ensure that every inch is spotless and up to par.

Hidden Areas
Areas like top shelves and door frames are often neglected, but dust can build up there and give your dining establishment a musty odor. At 1st Class Cleaning, we will clean the public areas, and we will scrub those areas that most guests never actually see. Our attention to detail is what sets us apart, and keeping those hidden areas clean will ensure that your establishment passes the cleanliness test every time.

Green Options
Heavy chemicals may be necessary occasionally, but they can leave appetite-killing fumes in their wake. Regular cleaning with environmentally friendly cleaners is a better choice for businesses and homes alike. There won’t be any lingering fumes when the restaurant opens, and you won’t have to reach for the MSDS sheets in case of an accident. Safe for the environment and tough enough to handle cleaning restaurants, green cleaners are the right choice for your staff and your customers.

LEED Guidelines
We are committed to the LEED guidelines and we use HEPA vacuums to ensure that your dining room and kitchen are clean when we’re finished. There will be fewer allergens in the air to upset your guests, and you will feel great knowing that our cleaning methods are safe for the environment, energy efficient and gentle on your bottom line.

Floors and Windows
Your wait staff may be willing to mop, but they’ll give it a quick swipe and move on. Trust 1st Class Cleaning to handle the floors and windows to ensure that they are sparkling clean, welcoming and beautiful. We offer steam cleaning services for the windows, so you can enjoy a streak-free shine without any dangerous chemicals. Your restaurant will feel brighter and larger when the windows are polished and free of grease and dust.

People look around when they walk into a restaurant, and they notice the floors. Spots of dirt in the corners will make them wonder how clean the kitchen is, and a floor that is not clean may cost you sales. When we clean the floors, we will get into the corners and up against the baseboards, so the floor will be clean from corner to corner.

Every employee in your restaurant has a certain task to focus on and excel at. The host makes guests feel welcome, and the servers are there to ensure a fabulous dining experience. While everyone should play a role in keeping the establishment clean, invest in a professional cleaning company to make sure that your restaurant gets the detailed cleaning it needs. Call 1st Class Cleaning for a restaurant that will sparkle, shine and delight your guests.


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