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Some office buildings require that tenants clean their own spaces. Companies that specialize in cleaning commercial facilities like hospitals, office buildings and schools are referred to as janitorial services. New York requires all cleaning services be properly licensed. Additional steps help to ensure client safety while services are being performed.

Standard services offered with commercial cleaning contracts include vacuuming, trashcan disposal and bathroom cleaning. Some larger companies servicing New York City offer additional services. Responding to customer demands for green living, 1st Class Cleaning uses cleaning agents free of ammonia and other hazardous chemicals.

Businesses specializing in healthcare and medical facilities face a unique set of tasks. Personnel must adhere to strict state regulations in regard to sterilization and disinfection for nursing homes, outpatient centers, etc. In addition to traditional office cleaning, they dispose of biohazard waste. The cleaning agents used are powerful enough to disinfect common areas, but gentle enough not to cause patient distress.

1st Class Cleaning is diverse. Independent companies do not have the automatic recognition of larger chain organizations, but some clients feel more connected to smaller businesses. 1st Class Cleaning goes the extra mile to build relationships with clients to establish a trust in service that is often difficult for many of the larger impersonal cleaning services that may be in and/or around NYC.

Whether businesses are a franchise or independent operation, they must apply for New York State licensing and permits. The New York State Online Permit Assistance and Licensing (OPAL) website ( has information on legal requirements for cleaning services. The website also allows clients to make complaint inquiries before signing any contracts with a particular business. According to Companies Incorporated, an online business licensing company, proper licensing holds businesses accountable to its customers in addition to state and federal government agencies. Unreported business revenue hurts the community, and unregulated services drastically affect clientele. Working with unlicensed cleaning agencies can seem like a deal, but clients are setting themselves up for future problems down the road.

1st Class Cleaning NYC is properly bonded and insured. Bonds protect clients in the event items are stolen by cleaning staff, while insurance replaces damaged goods. For added security, clients can perform additional background checks on personnel assigned to your location. This is especially important for businesses of a highly confidential nature, like medical offices.

1st Class Cleaning NYC offers commercial cleaning services in the New York area. After working in the business for 10 years, the owner provides cleaning services with a personable touch. Allergy cleaning treatments alleviate the discomfort of asthma and allergy sufferers. Eco-friendly cleaning uses organic products to create a healthier work environment. Contact 1st Class Cleaning at for more information today!

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