Building Cleaning Services Manhattan

Choosing a reputable, experienced company prepared to provide professional building cleaning services is a crucial decision for most business owners. They want to ensure that they are going to receive personalized, efficient service that will meet their needs. By hiring a cleaning company a business owner is better able to maintain focus on promoting their business and more effectively manage their time. Frequently, friends, family, neighbors or business associates can provide referrals for cleaning companies they have been satisfied with. Prior to initiating service with any cleaning company it is prudent to interview the owner and ask for appropriate references that can support the work they have performed for others. Choosing cleaners that are bonded and insured provides protection and added security for valuables contained within the building.

After determining which cleaning company will service your building it is important to ask and receive an accurate estimate for cleaning. It is expected that the cleaners will perform their tasks at a time convenient for the building owner and that services will be customized to meet the standards and needs of the specific location. Whether morning, afternoon, or evening is preferable for the specific building you are seeking cleaning staff for, you will want to find a company that has staff available to provide service on the days and times you require them. A proper estimate can usually be received by providing basic information regarding the square footage and layout of the area. You may be able to collect this information via phone or email.

For building owners located in Manhattan, 1st Class Cleaning provides an exceptional solution regarding maintenance of office space, restrooms, common areas, or conference rooms. We proudly use natural, non-toxic organic cleaning products to thoroughly disinfect, dust and vacuum. Through the use of non-toxic products residents, employees or visitors to the building can be assured that they will not be exposed to any of the inherent risks associated with traditional chemicals used in cleaning. By avoiding the use of harsh chemicals and toxins a healthy, safe environment is created.

Founded by a former employee of house cleaning companies, 1st Class Cleaning recognizes the impact superior customer service and exceptional reliability has on a client. Furthermore, with increased focus on eco-friendly products and lifestyles by a large percentage of the Manhattan population, 1st Class Cleaning meets the demand for an environmentally safe alternative. Customers of a building cleaning service should expect that they will dust and disinfect office areas and common areas, thoroughly vacuum and mop floors depending on the type of floor surface, and remove trash from receptacles. Trash removal should be handled in accordance with the same environmental standards as the cleaning products utilized and items eligible for recycling should be separated from regular trash.

Building owners can expect that 1st Class Cleaning will create a plan specific to your needs. A long-term contract will not be required although discounts can be made available to those committing to one year of service or more. The first visit will be more involved than subsequent and work will be completed based on an hourly rate. Regular cleanings will be charged a fixed rate based on a number of facility specifications. To begin enjoying the benefits a professional, experienced cleaning company has to offer you Contact us today!

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