Purifying Your Bathroom

How to get mold out of your ceramic tiles
Before we begin, you should know that you will not need any cistern blocks or artificial perfumes. With a proper hard surface detergent like “Tub and Tile spray” from Method Products, you can wash down the whole of the toilet. When you are doing this it is important that you also wash down behind the toilet seat, and then rinse it off. Then to dry it off you should wipe with a half damp cloth and leave it to dry. Put a splash of detergent into the toilet bowl and scrub with the toilet brush. When you are done scrubbing make sure you flush your toilet so that you rinse off the detergent.

Process of Descaling a Toilet
Urine and hard water are the perfect combination to create staining around the lip of your toilet bowl which is not a good thing. That is why you need to descale a toilet at least once a month. The best way to remove these stains is with an acid descaler. You might think to yourself that bleach is what removes these stains but truth be told it doesn’t. All you get when you use bleach is a headache and you’re left with the same stains. There are a variety of acid descalers. You can use phosphoric acid or citric acid; it all depends on what you prefer. Vinegar is an acid but it will not work because it isn’t as strong as other acids. Once you have your toilet sterilized you can clean it daily as usual.

Is it necessary to disinfect?
If you clean your toilet on a daily bases and properly with the detergent indicated there is no need to do so. The only time where bacteria growth occurs is when surface cleaning has not been performed properly. The use of disinfectants and bleaching does not replace the cleaning job that descaling does. Descaling is a better process when cleaning your toilet bowl because scale is what attracts bacteria and creates surface soiling. Everyone believes that bleach is what does the job but in the end it does not. Bleach removes scale color but not the scale.

Reminder: DO NOT ever mix bleach with an acid descaler. It is best that you keep these two away from each other. The coal tar of these two disinfectants can be poisonous in heavy quantities. It is best you clean with the proper sanitizers that aren’t a threat to you or your family’s health.

Mold on Tiles
Mold on tiles can be cleaned with the same phosphoric acid descaler that you used to clean your toilet. When it comes to cleaning mold, the best way is to leave the acid descaler overnight. In the morning you simply rinse it off and the entire mold will be gone. Once you rinse it off you can just let dry. Mold on your tiles inside your bathtub can be hard to remove but if you do as indicated it will come out in no time.

Cleaning Marble
Marble is delicate and those who have it in their home should cherish it. Marble needs to be taken care of and, when cleaning it, even more. When cleaning marble you must never use any acids. Those acids include vinegar, lemon juice and any grout cleaners. Bleach is also prohibited to be used on marble. Never even think about scrubbing your marble with a scouring pad because the pad will stick to the marble creating rust staining. The damage will be unbearable if this were to happen. What you can use to clean marble is low foam detergents. These low foam detergents are very effective on marble and will not damage it at all. When cleaning your marble floor or counter in your bathroom you should make sure that your cloth or mop is somewhat dry so that instead of rinsing, you are polishing making it look even shinier. If the cloth or mop is too damp your marble will not look as clear.

Bathroom cleaning is one of the things most people hate to do but if you don’t do it, who else will? Your bathroom is a place where bacteria can grow and your body is exposed to many different kinds of germs. If you don’t start to clean your bathroom on a daily basis, it will get worse every day and it will be even more difficult to get all the mold and scale out of your bathroom. Stay safe and act now before it’s too late.

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